A Year of Living Soulfully

Welcome Back! I am excited to begin a new school year and return to Bread and Honey.

I experienced some wonderful little God “nudges” this summer; holy pokes at my spirit, my interior view, beckoning me in a new direction in mind and spirit. Another blessed birthday came and went. My husband and children traveled with me metaphorically and geographically, even occasionally beyond my comfort zone. After years of babies and more babies, I am stretching my wings again. Hallelujah! New adventures are on the horizon. Mother Nature, as always, inspired reflection and gratitude. Time spent walking in pine forests, laying a line on the river, and barefoot in my kitchen brought new clarity and smoothed some edges. Relationships dear to me showed signs of healing. New people walked into my life, with new perspectives. There were good-byes, too—tearful but loving. Dr. Elam’s passing, a mentor and friend, left a beautiful legacy and reinvigorated my determination to follow his example of giving hope whenever I can. After some painful bee stings, I harvested my first batch of honey. A huge personal feat. A dear friend, battling a tough cancer, continues to teach me much about personal courage. The summer closed at a prayer vigil with my son Charlie. His close friend’s mother died in a tragic car accident reminding me of how precious each day I live and get to love really is.

Many times over the summer I asked myself the question, “Are you living the life you want to live?” The honest answer: Sometimes. Certainly not enough.

I instinctually know the way I would like to live this one precious life of mine and I believe you do too. But so often our exterior lives, the reign of secular culture and social media, the heavy mantle of expectations and responsibilities as mother, wife, and professional, the never-ceasing busy busyness and multi-tasking, life’s inevitable setbacks and losses, the day-to-day worries and larger existential fears conflict and rub like sandpaper against our deep soul yearnings.

F. Scott Fitzerald once wrote, “It is never too late or too early to live a life you are proud of.” The pieces of my life’s puzzle and yours begin to fall into place only when we live Soul-first and Soul-Fully.

I received a birthday card in July with a special message for me and hopefully for you: “Trust that some of the best days of your life haven’t even happened yet.”

Join me on “A Year of Living Soulfully,” 52 weeks of spiritual reflections, delicious recipes, prayers and meditations, Soulful7 conversations with people I admire, and weekly tips for increasing our soul joy. The hope is that together we might live deeper, more meaningful and soulful lives. I invite you to regularly stop by Bread and Honey’s new and improved website and make sure you are signed up for a weekly soul-filling love drop into your inbox. Together with Circa Design, we have created a remarkable sanctuary of content, inspiration and encouragement all focused on A Year of Living Soulfully! Look for your first spiritual reflection, “7 Clues to Living Soulfully” next Monday. Each week I will also gift you with a “Tip for Soul Joy.”

Big news: Bread and Honey and I are organizing our first trip together to Lourdes, France, a place very meaningful to my family and me. Lourdes is a place of deep spirituality, holiness and all levels of healing. The itinerary is concentrated in Lourdes, but will cover other sacred spots and of course, Paris! Please email me if you are interested in traveling this year with Bread and Honey!


Another new avenue to share is the introduction of my first “Pop-up Bistro” this October. Proceeds from this dinner will be given to the orphanage in Haiti where Ferland lived. Watch for signups on the Bread and Honey website.

Every moment counts. Time is precious. We only get one go at this. Your soul and mine are up for the adventure. Let’s live Soul-First and Soul-Fully!

Live in Hope,


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