Advent Prayer

God of Heaven and Earth,

When we close our eyes, slow our breath,

and ask you to enter in

We feel the shift in gravity.

No longer are we relying on ourselves and the temporal world for our grounding and truth.

But YouThe One for whose Love never fails us.

We ask now that you would peel us back.

Peel back our pasts: The mistakes, the scars, the hurt and grief, the doubts and secret fears, until you reach

A place of Holiness.

The part of us that is drawn to hope, refuses to give into despair, sees first the goodness in others and experiences your world with a sense of wonder and awe.

If only we could see ourselves and our divine potential from your eyes.

Then, maybe we would have more reverence for the path that has led us to this day, dare to live more profoundly in the present moment, honor the sacred vessel of our flesh and bone, and the miracle of our lighted souls.

Grace after grace you have shown us.

Help us to see that in every breath something sacred is at stake.

May we walk forward into this Advent season knowing without knowing

Towards you, with you, and for you.

A Holiest Amen.


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