An Intimate Conversation

Divine One,

What would you discover if you were to gaze inside to the anatomy of our souls?

Would you see a noble spirit, one that is drawn to hope, one that is not afraid of the mystery, the unknowing, the bitter and the heartbreak?

One that remains full of faith, trusting in You that all will be well?

Would you feel our gentleness and the depth of our compassion?

Could you locate the places where we have set aside our ego and given wholly over to the needs of another?

If you were to peer into our heart, would it reflect how brave and resilient we have proven in the face of life’s setbacks knowing that you were always by our side?

Would it be dark on the inside, full of the shadows of guilt, resentment, pride, grief and fear?

Or would we glow?

Humbled by the invisible string of miracles that continue to knit us together.

Would our soul tell a story of love?

You know us from the inside out.

The truth: We are vulnerable. We hurt. We doubt. We hope. We yearn for healing and wholeness. We need you.

Promise that when we speak into the Silence that you would hear the narrative of our hearts and tenderly reply,

Be still and know that I am your God.




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