Bless This Table

bless this table

If you are looking for a new cookbook for your collection or a cool gift for a friend, check out Bless This Table. It’s a collection of celebrity family recipes and stories curated by Teri Diamond and Jaymes Foster. The book was inspired by the tradition of sitting around the table with the people we love most dear and eating our fill of laughter, tenderness, and good food. You would be hard pressed to find a holier place to nourish the soul than around the dinner table!

The book is chock full of recipes near and dear to the hearts of my favorite artists like Vince and Amy Gill, Celine Dion, and Reba! Bless This Table allows us a peak into their lives and what they are serving for dinner around their tables!

I’m partial to Andrea Bocelli’s Spaghetti with olive oil and truffles, Michael Buble’s Vegetable Risotto, and Wynonna Judd’s Chicken Pot Pie. There is something for everyone!

But the best part is a portion of the proceeds from each book goes to the Nashville Food Project, an amazing ministry¬†that serves over 600 healthy, often organic and straight from their own gardens, delicious meals every week to those struggling with hunger in our city. It’s the gift that keeps giving!


Live in Hope,


  • Sally Lee

    September 29, 2014at7:01 am Reply

    Farrell, I dont know where you were born or reared, but judging from this piece, you are a real Nashvillian. I’m glad..

  • Diane

    September 29, 2014at10:33 am Reply

    Farrell, you’re great for promoting this book. I have it and Terri signed it! It’s a good cookbook! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

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