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Summer Bookstack

Welcome summer! School is officially out! I am looking forward to a slower, less scheduled pace with my family. We have some family adventures planned, camp drop-offs and pick-ups in North Carolina, and many dance intensives. I am also excited for time to read and write. It is a family

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Trees Take the Long View

I have always loved trees: the prehistoric ginkgo, the Angel Oak, the sweet Southern magnolia, a grove of olive trees, the elegant weeping willow. I fell in love with my husband hiking Sewanee’s famous Perimeter Trail beneath a towering fortress of pine trees. For my 40th birthday, David gifted me

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Corrie Ten Boom Quote

The Tremble

Sometimes "Life" (the Ukraine Russian war, the economic downturn, the Afghan Refugee crisis in Nashville, teenage shenanigans, family health issues, a child off at college, friends battling cancer, addiction, betrayal in their marriages, aging parents, a future unpredictable and unknown —the list is endless) leaves me feeling anxious and insecure

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The Secret Life of Bees

I became a beekeeper for three reasons: One, I love honey. Two, I know the bees are integral to the health and survival of our planet. And three, having watched a friend working in his hive, a portrait of calm in the center of a bee swarm storm, I wanted

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What Truly Matters

When attending a funeral, we are brought to an uncomfortable but clarifying edge between life from death. The internal troubling conversation begins. We know deeply what a gift it is to be a human and extraordinarily kin to God. Our time here is short to be filled with all the

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What We Wish Were True

Today is the book release for my dear friend Tallu Schuyler Quinn's masterpiece, What I Wish Were True! have relished Tallu’s prose, poetry and prayers for fifteen years. As an artist, a theologian, but especially a lover of life, her words touch the sacred and deep in all of

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