Bread and Honey is Back!

I am so excited to unveil the new Bread and Honey! It has been a true labor of love to create a virtual sacred place where you can come to breathe, be inspired, grow spiritually and nourish your soul! We live in a frenetic world with a 24 hour news reel of darkness: terrorism, racism, campaign ugliness, gun violence, cancer, depression. The list of fears is infinite. No wonder we feel anxious, robbed of joy, struggle to hold on to hope and feel a fraying at the edges of our souls.


My dream continues to be that Bread and Honey becomes a spiritual hub of healing: an opportunity to step away from the world and do a kindness for your mind, your body and especially, your spirit. I am determined to prove that despite the darkness, the evil and despair in our world and online, I believe that there is more love and light, hope and joy for the taking! So I hope you will accept Bread and Honey as my gift to your soul.


You can still expect the weekly Blog: Every week I will post a new piece of writing that is meant to nurture your faith and expand your inner life, give you hope, and inspire and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Every Monday morning you will receive in your inbox an invitation to read the latest post. I hope you will then spend a little more time relishing all our new offerings!


My love language is food! I am very excited to share my passion for cooking and life that happens in the kitchen and around the family table! Introducing my Virtual Cookbook: A place to come for inspiring and yummy recipes (print-ready) that are simple, full of colorful ingredients and healthy for you and your family!

I believe prayer is the language of our souls and the vehicle for connecting in a deep and meaningful way with God. I am very excited to introduce my Virtual chapel: With the swipe across your iPhone, you can invite a moment of stillness into your day and listen to a prayer. Suddenly, the world quiets, time becomes sacred and your soul is nourished. Every Wednesday you will receive in your inbox an invitation to listen to a new prayer.

Bread and Honey has a virtual bookstore where you can purchase my books: Alma Gloria and the Olive Tree, The Angel and the Raven, and my upcoming release of The Pocket Cathedral. It is also a place to come and browse what books I love in fiction, spiritual and theology and cookbooks to add to your own library! And you can click through to purchase!

And lastly, how about a Shop selling all things beautiful for the spirit: books, healing oils, my famous muffins, local honey, calming teas, aprons & recipe cards and much more to come!


I would so appreciate you supporting Bread and Honey by signing up your friends on the website and helping me to grow a sacred community whose important mission is to nourish the soul and live with hope.


Next week: Look for my first “Spirit” blog post on finding your inner Olympian spirit!

A big thank you to Laura Deleot and Liz Geer at Circa Design! None of this would have been possible without their heart and creative spirit. They have graciously brought to life my dreams for a place that speaks to the spirit within us all!


Live in Hope,




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