Get the Glow

Recently a friend surprised me with the compliment, “You are glowing!”

I was quick to point out the dark circles under my eyes, the unbrushed hair, perfume of breast milk and missing lipstick—–All signs of a very sleep-deprived over-the-hill mother of a six-week old baby. But the glow she noticed was a light radiating from my inside out. It had little to do with beauty creams, acai berry smoothie’s or kale up to my ears and everything to do with a new mother’s joy.

This fountain of youth, well-placed smile and bright-eyed glow is timeless, available to all and is a reflection of the state of one’s soul.

So what are the secrets to achieving this otherworldly glow?

Do what turns your soul on and imbues your life with passion, joy and deep meaning. It is said that the two best days of our lives are the day we were born and the day we discovered why. C.S. Lewis said, “The ultimate dream is finding out what we were made for.” This is a life-long journey of discovery all the way up to our final breath.

I’m convinced that we were each created with a unique purpose in the Design. It’s our job to figure out what that is and pursue it with all our heart, mind and soul. Paulo Coehlo said, “When we are walking our chosen path, we walk elegantly, emanating light.” We intuitively know when we are living out our divine calling because not only does it activate the best part of ourselves and elevates our existence on this planet, but those who cross our path are better for it.

You cannot sit on the sidelines of life and expect to flush magically with light. Instead, you have to “bear hug” the whole of your life experience. Think of yourself as a living passport with a Divine directive to get your soul stamped as many times as humanly possible. Allow life to press into you and mark your heart. Appreciate everything that you hear, smell, see, brush against and experience in the moment. Notice if the sun is shimmering, if the grocery bagger says under his breath, Have a nice day,” if your cafe latte or green tea was especially delicious this morning, if your husband smiles or kisses you on the lips before leaving for the day, if you share a laugh with a friend or you get to call your mom, your sister, your husband, your best friend on the phone just because (one day that might not be the case). I call these “sparks.” Each has the power to fan the inner flame.

To truly embrace life means we have to also embrace the stumbles, the challenges, the disappointments and the requisite soul-bruising. God uses every trick in the bag to illumine us. Resilience is a glow guarantee. Want to shine—-Be brave. We can’t be afraid of a little hard work, pain and loss, tears, setbacks and a stretched spirit. When was anything worthy and meaningful easy? Life is often a one-step forward, two-steps back choreography. The secret is learning how to rise and then keep moving forward. Want your soul to shine? Be grateful for the “whole” of the blessed experience.

And finally, the true secret to the supernatural glow (and really the point of life in the first place) is love. The glow is the result of the heart’s work. We were wired to be living lanterns. Each of us has an inner flame. Nothing disappoints God more than a dull or dimmed inner light. When we love ourselves, love others and love creation, thereby loving God, we supernaturally light up. Want to spark? Go hug a baby, a tree, a pet, a friend or God in prayer.

We have no idea the electricity God has entrusted at the throne of our hearts. We have the power to affect change in other people’s days, hearts, and even as deep as their soul’s light with the simplest gestures of kindness, hope, and selfless love. If you really want to glow, do something that turns up the glow in another person.

Live in Hope,


P.S. I think we all need a t-shirt or bumper sticker that reads, “I’m all about the Glow!” or “Glow in the Flow” or “I can’t help I’m glowing” or “Soul Shine.”


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