Greatest Underdog Story Ever Told

In memory of Amy and Karen—Two women who fought the good fight, may they both sleep tonight at Heaven’s gate.

I love an underdog story. And Easter for me is the greatest underdog story ever told.

Over 2,000 years ago there was a Galilean peasant—– A carpenter’s son. He was not rich, royal, or famous.

But he knew in his depths that he was special. He also knew that God was on his side.

So he took the leap. He believed in something larger than himself. Stepping forward into the great unknown Jesus healed, preached, loved, and worked for a Kingdom that he believed was possible here on earth. The Jewish establishment, the crowds, his disciples, even his own family questioned his destiny. This underdog’s story took a dark turn. Jesus knew intimately the dark night (or two) of the soul. You knew it was bad when he wore a diadem of thorns and told his best friend to take care of his mother. But this is where the story gets interesting. We think we know the plot (it’s the same with our own lives). It looks like it’s going one way. A denouement of darkness, dashed dreams, and a tombstone dead-end.

But nothing is as it seems with Divine Providence. With God, come to expect the unbelievable, the miraculous, and resurrections both grand and small.

The underdog transforms into the hero.

I think we all know something about being the underdog in the story.

I invite you into a little secret, a grand one you might say.

When God looks at you, He doesn’t see an underdog, or a road that ends in a cemetery—–He sees the opportunity for another Resurrection. 

It’s love at its best!

Happy Easter!


P.S. “Live life as if it’s already rigged in your favor!”    -Rumi


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