Introducing: The Hope Box

To live in hope is to believe a way can be made out of no way, the impossible made possible, a broken heart healed, an inner spirit surprised by its own resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Inside The Hope Box one discovers a treasure chest of small gestures which when accomplished in love promise to fill the soul with hope.

Life can be so exquisite but also so full of heartbreak. Sometimes we just need a little nudge of hope to take on our wings and rise. A couple of years ago a family friend lost their son tragically. My heart was broken. I created for them my first box of hope. My idea was simple to create a calm place, an altar of hope in the midst of despair where they could weep, pray, could feel surrounded in love, grow stronger, begin to heal and one day, find hope again.


At some point in each of our lives, we or someone we love will face that scary moment of wondering if we have the courage and fortitude to see our way through life’s heartbreaks. It is in the quiet when we are alone with our situation that we long for a tender word, an embrace, a light, a nudge of hope so we can put one foot in front of the other.


For me, hope is the most precious gift. It is an inner knowing that whatever has happened or will happen in our lives, we are not alone. Hope reminds us that a redemptive and loving plan is at work in our lives and we will prevail.


So often we don’t know what to say or do when we or someone we love is suffering. Sometimes we need something tangible to hold, pray or do when despair surrounds us. The Hope Box is for the friend or family member recently diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment, or has lost a loved one, or is struggling with infertility or depression, suffering through divorce, trauma, or grief. Just anyone who needs to be reminded that there is always hope.


A Hope Box is an invitation to set up an altar of hope, to unfold the winged prayer cloth, to light a candle, to fix a cup of calming tea with honey. It is time to whisper a prayer. Speak the truth and the longings of our hearts. Look for and lean into that which is larger than ourselves. Take on our wings and rise in hope.


I invite you to watch the video and consider a Hope Box for yourself, family and friends in need of a little nudge of hope. Proceeds from The Hope Box go to Sloan Kettering’s Pediatric Cancer Center in NYC in honor of my son, a survivor, who has taught me so much about hope.

Live in Hope,



The Hope Box Contents

The wings symbolize hope and serve as a reminder to the soul that all will be well.


The bouquet of roman chamomile, lavender, frankincense and bergamot will soothe, nourish and calm. The ritual of anointing with oils transforms an ordinary moment into something mysterious and holy.


The delicious and fragrant Verbena tea from the south of France, appreciated for centuries for its relaxing and healing benefits.


Local, organic honey to sweeten the moment.


When there is light, there is hope in whatever darkness. We remember that we are not alone and find the courage to keep moving forward. We become a living luminary.


A collection of prayers humbly woven together by an illumined thread of hope. Our spirits long for connection with Something larger than ourselves. The Pocket Cathedral is an invitation to begin a sacred conversation within the secret holy place of our heart.

I see life as a relay race we are all on, where we are on the track could be a place of darkness or light, struggle or gratitude. We each have this gift to pass the baton of hope to one another knowing that somewhere along the track we will need someone to do the same for us.


Hope gives us wings.


I have watched as people have been inspired to place in their box other things that give them hope, like pictures, quotes, prayer beads, heart rocks, bluebird feathers and crosses. The Hope Box is a gift for the heart that beautifully keeps giving.

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The Hope Box is the love project of so many who believe in its mission. I would like to thank Laura and Liz at Circa Design because they each helped bring my idea to life, even better than I dreamed. I would like to thank the wildly-talented artist and my friend, Katherine Slingluff, for helping me make the winged prayer cloths. Please go check her out at Brooklyn Bandanas! A special thank you to Regina Stuvee, famed for her work in country music, but who has the biggest heart and has taken this project on to spread hope! And to my husband David who continues to champion all and everything I do!


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