A Collector of Hearts

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A collector of Hearts–an epitaph to be remembered by.

I have always loved all things in the shape of a heart. You could say I’m drawn to hearts. Several years ago two of my closest friends, myself and now happily my daughter Elise began hunting for hearts. We have a beautiful collection of smooth river stones, shells, and turquoise sea glass on the book shelf. But we also take pictures of heart-shaped clouds, cactus plants, rock formations, leaves, and even the spicy pepperoni on our Friday night pizza. When we email or text a photo of our latest “heart” find, it’s like we are sending each other a love note!

I see hearts everywhere now. I don’t think its a coincidence when I spot a leaf in the shape of a heart while jogging at Radnor Lake, or pluck a juicy, heart-shaped tomato off the vine for my mozzarella salad. It’s the Universe’s way of reminding me of the presence and the power of Love in the world.

We are each divinely-wired to collect hearts. I’m not talking about heart-shaped river rocks or clouds in the sky now, but actual human hearts. I daresay its our destiny! We live in a world where many are hurting, sad, and often on the brink of hopelessness. They crave to be seen, comforted, encouraged, understood, and honored where they are. And we each have the power to give that to one another. A smile, a compliment, a note, a phone call, a hug, a word of encouragement, a bowl of soup, a listening ear–that’s how you collect a human heart!

I’d be lying if I told you collecting human hearts was easy. It often requires sacrifice. Every time you collect a human heart you must give a little of yourself away—the good, the hopeful, the beautiful in you! For just a moment you choose to lay down your own problems, agenda, wants and needs, and instead think of another’s.

You’ll know you’ve collected a human heart, because imperceptible to anyone but you, you’re own heart will stretch, maybe even glow.

The only way hope and love, light and redemption have a chance of winning against the dark side of this world is if we each take part in the Divine Mission of Love.

Like a miracle, our very own lives begin to take the shape of a heart!

I challenge you to collect one heart today, tomorrow, everyday. Imagine the beautiful domino effect of love and healing!

Your destiny, my destiny, is and will forever be–A Collector of hearts!

Live in Hope,



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