Love Letter from God

Dear (Insert Your Name Here),

Together we stand on the precipice of a new year. I have your hand, and together we will walk forward into the great unknown. There is no crystal ball, tarot card, or palm reader to predict or prepare you for what lies ahead. Only my promise to remain steadfast by your side.

First, turn back and bow to the path that has led you to this moment. Humbling, isn’t it? A veritable slideshow of loss and gain, heartbreak and love’s redemption, dark valleys and breath-taking mountaintops. Take the wisdom earned as your talisman forward.

You begin this new year with a tabular rasa. What lighted words of lived experience will find their way onto the slate? Will you meet the world with the best part of yourself? Will you dare to dream even if it means you must take risks and venture out of your comfort zone? When you stumble, suffer a setback or heart break, will you muscle enough courage and grace to rise back up? How will you acknowledge the absolute privilege it is to live your unique life—By the way you love for me?

I know you intuitively sense my Presence. I’ve watched you come and lay down at my feet when the world has shaken your grounding. But vulnerability has never been your strong suit. Even now, you flirt on the edges when you could be experiencing greater depth and meaning at my center. There remains so much for you to discover about yourself and about me. Be more curious. Allow your heart more governance. Seek me out. Don’t be afraid to be stretched. Question my plan. Wrestle with me, I can take it. How will you ever trust me if we don’t ever face off on the mat? And, an average faith does little for either of us.

Remember, I created you. Down to every fiber of your being and illumination of your soul. I know your heart, your potential and your destiny. I also know that you’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Take the mystic’s approach and allow your curious and intuitive spirit more reign. I’m much more interested in what’s happening, evolving and transforming within you than outside of you. Garner up that flesh, bone and heart of yours and take a leap. Your soul, My soul, can lead you to places you never thought possible. 

I’m aware how deeply you feel the inequities and suffering of this world. But please don’t allow fear to steer you off course or diminish the hope I know lives within you. Who, if not you and your heart, will help me prove that the light, the hope, and the love that I have promised is stronger than the darkness, the hurt and the despair? 

Expect some tears, dark, questioning nights of the soul and even some loss. Sadly, suffering is part of the gig, but nothing you can’t handle if you lean into me. Promise you will never allow the setbacks and disappointments to override your capacity for joy and wonder. Open your eyes and look for me in every person, experience, epiphany and inkling of doubt. No one is as invested in your becoming as I. I’ll help lead you where you need to go. 

Do me a kindness and slow down. Relish more in the sweet nuances. Stop worrying so about where you are going and instead feel the steps. You already know the destination. Or at least your soul does. Keep gratitude tucked close in your breast pocket. It’s the secret to keeping your balance on the tightrope. Begin to listen and trust in that faithful, still small voice that rises mysterious from your depths and calls you bravely forward and eastward towards the horizon.

As close as your heartbeat and as near as your breath.




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