My soul longs for more

This week marks the beginning of the Christian season of Lent. These handful of final Winter weeks before the daffodils herald Spring are an invitation for me to tuck in and take stock of where I am, where I would like to be going and what gives my life true meaning. Lent is a time to make peace with my humanity, investigate my divinity and vigorously pursue as Joseph Campbell said, “the rapture of being alive.” Many heart-to-heart conversations will take place with myself and with God in the quiet. Am I taking good care of the temple of me, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Are the significant relationships in my life in good standing? If not, who needs an olive branch? What do I need to intentionally let go of to make way for something better, more creative and redemptive to come my way? What does my soul need more of to experience greater meaning and joy? Although not a fun exercise, I must visit the metaphorical Confessional and tell the truth; every flaw, fear and doubt in the hope of experiencing a new lightness of being. These “wilderness” weeks are also a time to be gentle with myself and seek the rest, prayer and study I need to return to the world creative and inspired. Something happened to Jesus during his own 40-day retreat into the wilderness. He returned to the world bigger, brighter, braver and more hopeful for what was ahead. May I too know a little of this grace.

Creator of me,

my soul longs for more

more depth and more meaning

more quiet

more good news

more belly laughter

more recipes

more of my husband’s smile

more adventure

more trees

more whimsy and more play

more bonjours

more spontaneity

more cuddles

more dirty kitchens and more extra chairs pulled up to the table

more candlelit conversations

more confession of my flaws

more mint, basil, oregano, lavender and rosemary on my fingertips

more stillness

more stories of redemption

more creative sparks

more signs of hope

more I-love-You’s, sorry’s and thank you’s

more of the sacred and the shining

more cafe au laits, dark chocolate, vervain tea, honey, South Carolina peaches, baguettes, buttery olive oil and Parmesan

more praying through the setbacks

more demonstrations of courage

more mystic in me

more risings

more of the mystery

More God.


Live in Hope,




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