The Angel and the Raven


A world without angels, is a world without wonder, mystery, and hope. The Angel and the Raven beckons the imagination and speaks directly to the heart. Tucked like a secret jewel on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris is the famous Levain Boulangerie et Pâtisserie. Lines circle the block for their perfect buttery croissants, crusty baguettes as tall as soldiers, rich chocolate cakes, and exquisite macaroons. But the Levain Bakery is much more than a famous pastry shop—it is the earthly home of angels. Tied in the white-starched Levain apron is Gabrielle, aspiring baker and angel-in-training from the esteemed line of Gabriel. To fulfill her destiny on earth, she must discover her gifts of light, look the Raven in the eye, and deliver Gabriel’s message of hope, love and divine redemption.

**This version of the book is a signed copy**