a psalm

Holy God,

I come to you on bent knee…humbled.

When did I allow the metronome of the material world to become my favored time piece?

I fear my soul has fallen slightly off rhythm.

Where is the holiness in the busyness?

I put my fingers to my ears…anything to hear again your still, small voice beneath the babel. 

You know my heart.

Unleash the mystic, the buddha, the messiah living inside of me.

I must reclaim my divinity if I am to be of any use to You.

Send me an ebenezer so that I would remember again who I am…

…who You believe I can be.

Test the grounding of my being.

So that I might give account for the hope that lives inside of me.

With the hem of my gown threaded in mercy, I will be love for you.

It is time I step outside of myself so that others may see your glow in my face.

I will be love for you.

Less me, more you.




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