Do you know the Address of your Soul?

At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusion, a point of pure truth, a point or spark which belongs entirely to God. … It is the pure glory of God in us.”    

-Thomas Merton

Isn’t it great to know that when the world feels dark and ugly and we struggle to maintain our equilibrium in body and spirit, that deep within us lives something pure, beautiful, and eternal. That no amount of suffering, disappointment, or despair can age, tarnish, or kill the Divine within us. Our souls were created for the long haul and boast the only invite into heaven. I once heard the soul described as God’s autograph on the Masterpiece. Or how about the soul as God’s invisible brand marking us, “Made in Heaven” and “Belongs to God.”  So, why have so many of us forgotten or lost the address of our soul? We can surely tell you the exact coordinates of every wrinkle, dimple and freckle, but become suddenly very quiet, even nervous, with any discussion or probing of that most intimate and beautiful part of our being.

Our soul is the most noble part of our being and the living proof that we are more than dust. It is the intimate place where we hear the words, “Be still and know that I am your God.” It is also our own personal quarry—the place we can go as often and as many times as we need—to dig for hope, love, faith, and God. The soul is the dwelling where we can “let go” of the weight of our humanity, our own private chapel, where the candle is always burning.

Most of us are terrified of being still, vulnerable, and looking inside. We would rather be strung up by our toes, or hide behind over-scheduled lives, than find ourselves alone with God. But I remind you what God said, “Be still and know that I am your God.” It requires silence and vulnerability to truly “know” God.

There is no fooling! We know the address of our souls by that secret longing that always has us in its grasp. Sadly, we often don’t have the courage to point our GPS in its direction. Instead we allow the world to take the reigns of our lives. We invite our egos to take center stage, knocking our souls to understudy. The repercussions: exhausting cynicism, greed, self-absorption, hopelessness, fixation on aging, fear of death, and little joy.

The soul’s agenda is and will always be God’s agenda—to mend creation, dream God’s dreams, crucify the ego, give one’s life for another—all for Love…period!

I believe within every soul, there lives a hero. If only we had the courage to live into that destiny.

Although undiagnosed, most of humanity suffers in varying degrees from a starving heart and a neglected soul. We self-medicate with the latest iPhone 4, 5 or 6, a new tube of lipstick, miracle treatments to stave off aging, and work ourselves to the bone for fleeting accolades. Anything to placate that deep pit of longing that we suffer in secret. I’ve said it before but I think we have forgotten our birthright as belonging to God and our heavenly inheritance of eternal life. We have allowed this world to throw us off balance. And yet our soul remains ever tenacious, calling us, as Joseph Campbell so profoundly said, “to follow our bliss.”

Think for a moment about a time when you have looked into the eyes of another human being and the love you found staring back at you nearly knocked you off your feet. Or how about that feeling of wonder and awe, when the sheer majesty of God’s creation brushes against you—a Radnor owl, the perfect curve of a technicolor rainbow, a cherry tree in full blossom. Or even better, what about the peace that mysteriously inhabits every cell of your being when you simply close your eyes and bare your heart to the only One who can truly comfort you. That’s your soul stretching deep within you. It’s the best kept secret of creation.

Ireneaus, one of the early Church Fathers said, “The glory of God is found in a human being fully alive.” Listen to me! The only way we will ever be truly alive on this side of heaven is if we endeavor to make acquaintance with our souls, seek the Divine, and love better.

God’s greatest fear it that we will fail to live up to the love that is in us. It’s about time that we start acting like the divine beings that we are. The first place to start is a visit inside the silent chapel of our souls. It’s the place where heroes find their power.

If you are needing directions, I recommend taking a right turn in the direction of prayer, then a left turn with an act of kindness. Next, follow the curve of the road and forgive that person you’ve been holding out on and finally just trust the compass of your heart to see you the rest of the way! God is and will always be waiting for you!

Live in Hope,



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