Soul to Soul

Ultimately, all we really have for certain in this world is our soul and its mystical connection to God. At some juncture on the human spiritual journey, we awaken to this spiritual truth. The enlightenment often comes when we are faced with our own human limitations, or we find ourselves unsuccessful in willing an outcome, or we duel with death. We realize in a profound way our need for divine reinforcement. I believe the health of my soul and yours requires full transparency with God about all manner of things. Everything is always more than it seems with God. Sometimes I am guilty of talking at God, instead of with God. The divine human relationship thrives on a mutual exchange of love and intimacy. We expose our soul to The Soul. The reward is a supernatural peace that seeps into our soul bones and girds us for another day.

Soul to Soul

Holy and Loving God,

I come to You because You loved me first.

I come with questions the world cannot answer,

Ruminations on faith,

Soul dreams.

I come for mercy because in some contour or conversation I allowed my ego to speak over my soul.

I come because You smooth my edges serene.

I come to let go of the quagmire of thoughts, worries and resentments that keep me from being who You need me to be here.

I come to say thank you for before, now and for what You have up your sleeve next for me

I come because certain circumstances in life sometimes feel too big for me to handle on my own.

And I need to hear You say, “I am with you always. You will prevail.”

I come to feel something more than the material, the secular, the finite.

If only for a breath, I might transcend time, flesh and flaw

And touch the eternal.

I come because suddenly things seem possible when You are involved.

I come for marching orders:

Where and when and who needs a nudge of grace?

I come because why would I not come?

You are the source of all that is good and miraculous, hopeful and redemptive.

And I love You, bone, blood and soul.


These passages in Job are pure poetry. More importantly, they remind us again who God is and what God is capable of.


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