Alex Waddey and his 3 children

Soulful 7 Conversations is back with a Special Guest

Alex Waddey and children
Soulful 7 with Alex Waddey

I am excited and honored to bring to you my first Soulful 7 Conversations in 2023. My special guest is Alex Waddey. Three years ago, I filmed the most watched Soulful 7 Conversation ever with his wife Isse Waddey right before she lost her battle to colon cancer. Isse’s message about how to live a meaningful and sacred life struck a chord for all of us. What you maybe didn’t know was Alex was Isse’s knight and shining armor. He is a remarkable human being, and has graciously agreed to a chat with me about the grief process, being a single parent, colon cancer prevention, and a race that he is hosting next week that will save lives!!!


Nothing compares to the hurt of losing someone for whom you entrusted your heart. Suddenly, you find yourself in the strange and unsettling land of grief. You wonder if you will ever visit again the province of joy. I have watched Alex put one foot in front of the other pacing himself through the grief, looking for God, even finding joy again. Alex is not afraid to be vulnerable and share truths that will help all of us navigate our own painful losses. Super helpful is his advice on what to say and how to help others through loss.


Alex is also determined to prevent another family from going through what Isse and his family endured. He spends some valuable time talking about colon cancer and how in the next ten years it will be the number one cancer for age 30-50 year olds.


Lastly,  Alex is resurrecting the Colon Cancer Race, “Get Your Rear In Gear,”  that he and Isse launched four years ago. Nationwide, it was the most successful Colon Cancer Awareness and Fundraiser ever! This year they are making it even bigger and better. There will be a Nashville Singer Songwriter Night to launch the weekend on Thursday, March 2 at Hillwood Country Club and then the race takes place Saturday morning, March 4 at the Greenway. Visit here for details and signup.


If you feel you are in the cave of grief with no light, please reach out to family, friends, and me! God gave us each other to make our way through life’s heartbreaks. We are not meant to do it alone. Please reach out!! Right now, we are hosting a Grief Group to the community every Wednesday night at 6:00 at Woodmont Christian Church (3601 Hillsboro Road).

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  • Mary Glynn Williamson

    February 27, 2023 at 8:29 am

    Oh the timing of this interview is just perfect Farrell. Seven weeks ago today I lost my precious 94 year old Mom to complications from Colon Cancer. I am so grateful I have the chance to listen this morning to Alex’s message and will listen to Isse’s message next. See y’all Saturday at the “Get Your Rear in Gear” race. Thank you so much Farrell.

    Mary Glynn Williamson

  • Bill & Diane Tucker

    February 27, 2023 at 12:45 pm

    Wonderful presentation of Soulful 7! Alex is such a strong, wonderful, thoughtful man. Loved Isse so much like everyone did. Beautiful family. Made me cry one minute and lifted my spirits the next minute! Sending love and hugs to all!

  • Gayle Cherry

    February 27, 2023 at 1:47 pm

    I only wished I could be a part of your group on grieving! How special is the presence of two special people and their family?? How to cope and know?
    My grievance is compromised by my guilt! It wasn’t supposed to happen but because of doctors
    Mistakes and the second operation to correct the mistake took my sons life. I wasn’t even told about their mistakes until he died.
    Alex and Iszess stories are a beautiful awareness of God’s Story and how to make since of it all and Passing it on to us as making a difference in this world for our next world!