Mother’s Day Soulful 7

Soulful 7 with My Mom

So much of who I am, how I see the world, and especially how I love is because of my mother. The best thing I can say about Karen White, the mother of six girls and grandmother to 23 is that she loves well and she is well-loved. She is my confidant, my spiritual advisor, my editor, my best friend. I have her to thank for inviting me to join her on a path of faith that is led by both the intellect and the heart. She embodies the wisdom: See God in everything and all will be right with the world. My mother passed on to me a DNA of hope that has colored my vision of the world, seen me through some very dark valleys, and revealed my life’s purpose as a hope-bearer to others. She stakes her whole being on God’s promise that love will always prevail. More than anything, my mom is the embodiment of kindness. You are blessed to share her sweet air. I confess I hoodwinked her into doing this interview. But boy was it worth it (I owe her an eternity of my banana chocolate chip muffins)! With grace and humility, she shared some nuggets of wisdom on faith and prayer, parenting and aging, great book recommendations and tips for soul joy. This is an hour not too miss!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I invite you to check out her art on instagram @karenwhiteart

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Read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

When I asked my mom about books that influenced her life and spirituality, Hugo’s masterpiece was top on her list. My mom is moved by displays of sacrificial love and mercy. Often she will refer to the vignette where the Archbishop, acting from the Divine within, sets Valjean free, candlesticks in hand.


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