The Day After Easter

“And we pray that we may live a life worthy of God, bearing fruit, growing in knowledge of God, being strengthened so that we may have the necessary endurance and patience, and always giving thanks to God, who gifts us a share in the inheritance in the kingdom of light.”

Colossians 1:10-12

The Day After Easter


It’s the day after Easter

A day like any other day,

Except what if it’s not?

What if I woke up today and saw the world as enchanted?

Gave You a wink abiding in the soul of me.

What if I unfurled my tight grip, and welcomed,

actually begged You to do something new in my life?

Knowing I was past due for fresh wineskins.

What if I allowed You the final word in my life?

I too might rise.

What if today I decided to finally forgive, even knowing it might take seventy-seven times to be set free.

What if I spent today noticing You shimmering in the thick of things, a fullness of beauty.

What if I concentrated my third eye, and recognized the Gardener in-my-midst,

And then immediately shared the Good News: everywhere and in everyone God is—-intimately.

What if the day after Easter, I was somehow softer, more confident?

Utterly convinced that My Cross will be followed by something marvelous too.

Always it is Good Friday. Always it is Easter.

Can I live peacefully in the paradox?

My great fear is Your angels will find me lukewarm.

I missed the point, the opportunity.

Much of me is unholy,

but today I woke up and I could not ignore the longing, somewhere deep.

All I know to do is to follow it.



Listen to Farrell's reading of this prayer

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