The Pocket Cathedral

It’s here! With much excitement, I am happy to introduce my new book, The Pocket Cathedral, A Collection of Prayers. This has been a true labor of love with the mission of every word to give hope and draw the heart closer to God. This is a book to keep by your bedside, tuck in the glove compartment of your car, gift to a friend, family member or stranger that you intuit needs some soul love. There are over 100 prayers or sacred conversations waiting to take place between your inner spirit and the One who called you into being. I have also included scriptures and spiritual quotes that have meant something to me over the years.

In secret, we all long for a deeper, more sacred experience of living. We want to believe that our lives are divinely-known, accounted for and loved beyond our human understanding. Our spirits crave moments of transcendence where we feel there is something more out there for us. At our deepest longing, we want to believe that we are not alone and that God is as close as our heartbeat and as near as our breath. This is the secret to living in hope!


The title, The Pocket Cathedral, was inspired by the Middle Ages when it was en vogue for gentlemen and ladies, as well as monks, priests and nuns to secret a miniature book of prayers into one’s coat pocket, habit or silk purse, and even to bind one fashionably around a slender wrist or velvet belt loop. Mirroring the splendor of the gothic cathedrals of the day, these highly decorative missals were full of exquisite prayers surrounded by gilt illuminations, painted images and jewels. Not only were they miniature works of art, but they encouraged spiritual reflection, prayer and inner peace during the ordinary ministrations of one’s day.


My present-day “pocket cathedral” is a collection of heart-searching prayers woven gently together by an illumined thread of hope. Carry it on your person to read anytime, anywhere. Lay it at the altar of another’s heart and trust God to take care of the rest. Stop for just a breath each day, open The Pocket Cathedral, whisper a prayer and see where it leads you. Elevate an ordinary moment as something special and sacred. Make where you are holy by including God in the conversation of your life. Be less afraid and more assured of God’s presence in and around you. The following is an excerpt from The Pocket Cathedral:


You can purchase The Pocket Cathedral at,, select local bookstores like Parnassus Books in Nashville and signed copies on my website,


Proceeds from every book sold will go to Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Hospital in New York City and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN in honor of my son Charlie and all the other children out there bravely fighting cancer!
I am happy to announce my upcoming book tour! I hope you will come to one of the events and enjoy a glass of wine and some of my favorite Bread and Honey treats!


Live in Hope,




Monday, November 21, 2016
6:00 pm
Hub City Bookshop & Press
186 W Main St · (864) 577-9349
Spartanburg, South Carolina
 Thursday, December 1st
6:30 pm
Parnassus Books
3900 Hillsboro Pike Suite 14
Nashville, TN 37215 | (615) 953-2243
 Sunday, December 4th
10:30 am
Gathering Hall at Woodmont Christian Church
3601 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
Chicago, New York City, Jackson Hole and Los Angeles dates coming in 2017!

To invite me to your hometown (Church, book club or local bookstore), send email to or contact at 615-305-6009


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