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Soulful 7 with Becca Stevens

In the spirit of Christmas, I gift you with a Soulful 7 Conversation that will be a balm for your soul. I have known Becca Stevens for over eighteen years. You know her as the founder of Thistle Farms, Episcopal priest and wildly accomplished author. I know her as a

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Farrell's Sisters

Soulful 7 with My Sisters

It is with immense gratitude that I offer this special Soulful 7 Conversation with my five sisters: Mahaley, Mary Carlisle, Belle, Harrison and Ramsey. It was a gift to gather on my parent's screened porch at Buttermoon Farm to talk about our childhood, parenting, health, God and faith, and of course,

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Soulful 7 with Adi Amar

Over two decades ago, I braved my first yoga class in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Adi, and discovered a spiritual practice that invites stillness, inner awareness, and peace into my daily life. For me, the movement and the meditation of yoga is not a conflict, but an enhancement to my

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Soulful 7 with Gene Regen

I conceived the idea of Soulful 7 Conversations selfishly because I wanted to hear how other people make sense of the human spiritual experience here on earth hoping it might inform and expand my own. Always I am on the search for new ways to see and experience God,

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Soulful 7 with Isse Waddey

It is my great honor to introduce my dear friend Isse Waddey to Soulful 7 Conversations. She is a mother, wife, friend, successful health care professional, woman of incredible faith and currently battling stage 4 colon cancer. My conversation with Isse was a huge wake-up call for me and I

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