Soulful 7 with Isse Waddey

Soulful 7 with Isse Waddey

It is my great honor to introduce my dear friend Isse Waddey to Soulful 7 Conversations. She is a mother, wife, friend, successful health care professional, woman of incredible faith and currently battling stage 4 colon cancer. My conversation with Isse was a huge wake-up call for me and I hope it will be for you too. Isse asks the prescient and powerful question, “Do you have to wait until you are told you have six months, to finally live the life you want to live?” She knows intimately how precious and short our stay actually is here on earth. Her question gnawed at me the entire summer. Am I living the life I want to live? Intellectually, Spiritually— I know the life I want to live: a creative and adventurous one; low in stress and very family-centered; enriched with many meaningful relationships and an ever-evolving spiritual consciousness. I want to travel, enjoy good food, books and time in nature. I wish to approach the uncertain path ahead not in fear, but with a healthy curiosity for all the possibilities. (God, what’s next!) Faced with life’s struggles, I don’t want to shrink, but expand. Lastly, I would like every person who crosses my path to be a bit better for it!


The problem is I live as if there will always be more time. Too easily I get tangled up in the minutia and often live everywhere but the present moment. I know I am not alone in this admission. For Isse, time is very precious and therefore she is living a life that is deep, full of meaning and overflowing with joy. Nothing else matters. Our hour-long conversation is prophetic and chock-full of tips for how we can all live more soulfully.


Give the best and all of yourself to every moment.

Listen and trust your intuitive soul.

Take care of your body and spirit.

Reconcile your relationships.

Talk intimately with God.

Trust that God’s Plan is wholly good.

Work at finding inner peace.

Tell people you love them at every chance.

Enjoy the beauty around you.

Meet life’s obstacle with courage and faith.


Jesus told his disciples and friends, “Stay Awake!” He knew how easily the sacred thread can slip through our mortal fingers. We regularly need “wake-up calls,” maybe even a forceful grab by the collar! Standing at the edge of life and death, my friend Isse has stepped into the role of prophet, with a pressing message for you and for me: There is no time to wait. Live your one precious life now!


Isse is a very important person to me and to so many. I would be humbled if you would include she and her family in your prayers this week! And I hope you will share a link to today’s Soulful 7 Conversation with  friends and family!
If you are over the age of 45 or have a family history of colon cancer, please make an appointment today for a colonoscopy. It is one of the most deadly, but if caught early, the most curable of cancers.
Check out and donate to Waddey’s Warriors
  • Mary Carlisle Gambill

    September 16, 2019at10:48 am Reply

    Isse – I am praying for you. Keep fighting. After listening to your podcast I felt Jesus was speaking through you. You are an angel, a hero on life, and an amazing mentor for all of us. I pray for light and joy to shine on you and your family always. Thank you for sharing your soul and spirit. I will forever take a piece of you in my heart. I haven’t met you but I feel like I know you. I love your soul. Take care – love Mary carlisle Gambill (Farrell’s sister)

  • Ramsey corn

    September 16, 2019at2:46 pm Reply

    What a powerful message!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nancy Muldowney

    September 16, 2019at4:33 pm Reply

    Isse – everyone needs to see this video and hear your message. I have been an oncology nurse for over 20 years. It never gets easier, only harder and I do find that I am constantly always trying to “do it all” and I am not living in the moment. Please know that I am praying for you and your dear family during this time. Ferrell – thank you for this very moving and powerful story! I would love if you can post the novels you all recommended in the video. I was not familiar with them. Thank you!

    • Anne Clark

      September 17, 2019at5:50 am Reply

      What a gift you have given us by sharing Isse with us. Thank you for loving her so well.

      Your spirit and light will shine BRIGHTLY ?forever in our hearts. Thank you for courageously sharing yourself with us. Your words will change hearts & will make a difference in how we live out our days.
      You are so loved & will continue to be covered in prayer.
      Peace be with you. You are a legacy of LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kelli Barksdale -Johnson

    September 16, 2019at6:26 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful. I’ve had the complete blessing of knowing Isse since College. You captured so much of what’s I love about her all the big Questios she is teaching us with her bravery in faith. These questions sit with me weekly too. Thank you for writing Isse and sharing about this magnificent friend and human.

  • Kelli Barksdale -Johnson

    September 16, 2019at6:31 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful. I’ve had the complete blessing of knowing Isse since College. You captured so much of what’s I love about her , all the big Questions she inspires and her bravery in faith! Thank you for writing about Isse and sharing this magnificent friend and human’s experience

  • Anonymous

    September 16, 2019at7:58 pm Reply

    Isse – listening to you has captured my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you so much. I will live differently in response.

  • Harrison Spry

    September 17, 2019at5:21 am Reply

    Isse – I am Farrell’s sister and I’m in awe of you. What a powerful message you shared. I am so happy to get a glimpse of your story. You are an angel on earth and I’m praying for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • Sarah Drury

    September 17, 2019at8:05 am Reply

    Isse, I have always admired you so much, but especially now. To you and Farrell, thank you. May you and your beautiful family feel God’s presence and the love and prayers of your family in Christ surrounding you constantly.

  • Stephanie Bowman

    September 17, 2019at10:49 am Reply

    Isse, You are a Powerful Force! Thank you for opening up and sharing your journey and experiences to showcase what Joy can be like. The human connection you have with so many around you is palpable. I appreciate and admire your strength and vulnerability – for leaning in on this difficult, but Spiritual pathway. I continue to pray for you and your sweet family. May you all be surrounded in HIS love.

  • Rick Regen

    November 4, 2019at4:59 pm Reply

    ISSE- you hang in there- we are thinking of you and praying- Thanks for Sharing- hello to all- remember the HUGS!

    Rick & Suzanne Regen

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