Mom’s Lasagna

Several Christmas's ago my mom gifted my sisters and I with a leather journal full of family blessings and treasured recipes. It is a sacred heirloom. The book opens with a quote by the French artist, Paul Gauguin: "No mean woman can cook well, for it calls for a light

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Chocolate is good for the Soul

For the chocolate connoisseur, there is nothing as luxuriant as the famous French dessert Moelleux au Chocolat, or in layman’s terms, the flourless chocolate cake! What makes this dessert so delectable is the exciting moment the spoon breaks through the crust to a warm chocolate-mousse center! I must confess that

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Spring Pea Risotto

Spring Pea and Prosciutto Risotto

When we moved to Paris as newlyweds in 1999, I could barely boil an egg. I received a French Cordon Bleu "Quick Classics" cookbook as a housewarming gift from my Parisian neighbor. Looking back, Madame Bruousell's gift was the harbinger for my passion for cooking! Spring pea and prosciutto risotto

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Farrel and daughter making crepes


Mama, Let's Cook is back! And we are celebrating Shrove Tuesday, or "Fat Tuesday" for the New Orleans side of the family! Traditionally, Christians feasted on pancakes the night before Ash Wednesday because it was the best way to use up their eggs, milk and sugar before the Lenten fast.

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Farrell holding Ribollita Soup.


Every Italian Nonna knows this recipe by heart. I assure you this marvelous vegetable and white bean soup is a crowd-pleaser, freezes well, and nourishes the body. It is the perfect antidote for Thanksgiving recovery and preparation for the Christmas season. In that spirit, I gift you with a poem

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Mediterranean Chicken

My favorite restaurant on the planet is the Snake River Grill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One evening they had "Brick Chicken" as a special on the menu, and I fell in love. Could there be any better combination than olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh oregano, fresh mint and basil, lemon

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Fresh strawberries ready to be devoured with some homemade whipped cream

Strawberries & Fresh Whipped Cream

Humor me as I'm on the hunt for creative ways to entertain my household of 8 during quarantine! We have made homemade whipped cream almost everyday for the last week for dessert. My seven-year old son Percy has become enchanted with cooking during Corona so we decided to host our

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Nut Butter

Last week, a friend inquired how the Mason clan was doing during Corona. She said, "I cannot imagine what it would be like in a house full with six children, husband and four dogs, cooking three meals a day, managing all the laundry, and home-schooling to boot! I giggled. It's

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Green Curry Soup

I literally dream about this yummy green curry soup from a favorite restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It arrives to the table, an aromatic emerald green broth in a large white pottery bowl, perfectly spiced and loaded with fresh herbs and a slice of lime. Recently, I decided to free-style

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