Soulful 7 Christmas Edition with Clay Stauffer

Soulful 7 with Clay Stauffer

Merry Christmas and welcome to my very first Soulful 7 Conversations “Christmas Edition.” Wherever you are in heart, mind and spirit this Christmas season, I promise this conversation will give you a nudge of hope. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my colleague, mentor and friend Clay Stauffer. We have worked together at Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville, TN for thirteen years. Clay received his Masters of Divinity from Princeton University, Doctorate of Theology from The University of the South, is an acclaimed author of several books on faith, and is currently on the faculty of Vanderbilt University. Most importantly, he is a man with a beautiful faith. Clay shares his personal understanding of God, definition of faith and why Christmas is relevant and still has the power to change us two thouand years later. This is a true soul-to-soul conversation where we both reveal our hearts and the intimacies of our spiritual beliefs. Clay shares what he believes are the essentials to living the life you long for and God called you to! I especially love Clay’s practical wisdom on how we can grow our spiritual lives in 2020. Break out your pad and pen because this Soulful 7 is full of spiritual nuggets!


I pray you have a blessed Christmas and New Year’s. I am signing off for a couple of weeks to enjoy my family and “fill my cups” for 2020!


Much love and hope to you,


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