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Soulful 7 with Becca Stevens

Soulful 7 with Becca Stevens
Soulful 7 with Rev. Becca

In the spirit of Christmas, I gift you with a Soulful 7 Conversation that will be a balm for your soul. I have known Becca Stevens for over eighteen years. You know her as the founder of Thistle Farms, Episcopal priest and wildly accomplished author. I know her as a mentor, friend and my beacon of hope. Her new book, Practically Divine, is just what our souls need right now. In the introduction, she writes, Practically Divine is for anyone hungry to see the divine, struggling to see it, needing inspiration and challenge to go back out and try again.” The title of the book speaks volumes about who we are, who God is and what we can hope for in our spiritual journey here on earth. First, Becca reminds us that we are “practically divine!” We carry the soul of God within us. We are flesh and bone, but more we are spirit. I love how Becca’s mom said it: We are dirt and angel! We also have the opportunity to experience “practically divine” moments here on earth. When the world feels too busy, unpredictable, often unfair, sometimes scary, we must open our eyes and find the light, the goodness, the beauty, the redemptive—because God promises it is there!


Not to give too much away, but we cover so many beautiful topics from how do we understand and handle suffering, to what is faith and how do we nurture it, to Becca’s definition of hope which will knock your socks off!  Trust me when I tell you this one-hour conversation will heal you and renew your faith.


Becca is certainly made of dirt, but more she is angel!! Please send this around to your family, friends, or anyone you believe could use a word of hope!


Merry Christmas!!

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When I interviewed Becca Stevens, she had the most amazing candle illumined. The candles smell good and the decorative jars are beautiful. I am giving friends the healing set of candles that guarantees to promote calm in and around you. All of the proceeds go to supporting the women at Thistle Farms. Their mission is to offer women who have suffered from abuse, addiction, prostitution and incarceration a new chapter, one of hope, in their lives. Becca and her team provide free two-year housing, counseling, and a job! All these luxuriant products are made by these amazing women! Shop Thistle Farms!