Soulful 7 with Gene Regen

Soulful 7 with Gene Regen

I conceived the idea of Soulful 7 Conversations selfishly because I wanted to hear how other people make sense of the human spiritual experience here on earth hoping it might inform and expand my own. Always I am on the search for a new ways to see and experience God, offerings that will encourage my curiosity and fan the light and hope within me. There is an art to living from the beautiful and benevolent spirit within us, while also navigating as gracefully as possible the wondrous and challenging experience of being human. Never is it perfect, but do it right and the reward is a life that is not only deep and layered, sacred and joy-filled, but contributes in a way that transcends us. For the last ninety years and counting, today’s guest, Dr. Gene Regen, has done just that! He is a human being that I greatly admire.


I told Gene I felt like Frodo sitting on my green sofa in the presence of sage Gandalf receiving mighty words of wisdom for the adventure of life. Today’s Soulful 7 Conversation is packed full with genuine and compassionate insight on how to do this one precious life well!!!


Gene is first a gentleman and scholar, but dig deeper and you witness a truly sentient soul. I’d even go so far as to call him a mystic! (You just can’t believe that he is almost 90!) Gene opens his “life playbook,” ninety years in the making, and shares his secrets for living a life of intentional faith, persistent love, lots of adventure, and holy purpose!


I hope you will receive this special Soulful 7 as the gift that it is!! Please forward to parents, friends, colleagues and we would love to hear your feedback!

Have a blessed week!

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