A Prayer

Infinite and Holy One—-

When we close our eyes, bow our heads, and surrender to the moment.

We come to you from the seat of our souls—-

That place of our greatest vulnerability, divine potential, and hope.

The Odyssey humbles.

First, we ask pardon for the places in our lives where we have missed the holy mark:

Where we haven’t loved well enough,

Where our pride has gotten the best of us,

Where we have chosen  I instead of Thou.

It’s a challenge to listen for your still, small voice amongst the brute noise of the material.

Lean in, you say.

And so we press on into the Unknowing.

Is it true that when we step through the Holy Door angels await to take the measure of our hearts?

Our life’s worth hinges on vignettes of love.

It’s the secret, isn’t it?

A sacrificial heart.

The more we love, the more the flesh illumines our divinity.

Lord, we pray for more breaths, sand in the Hourglass—–To do this one life well.

Today is a new day, may we rise to the occasion.

Walking always in the direction of Love.



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