An Enlightened Conversation

“For any spirit suddenly awakened to how deep its life, how short its stay.”

-Mark Nepo


An Enlightened Conversation

by Farrell Mason



(Angel floats onto the stage bearing an Hourglass. Earthling is tucked safe in a dream.)



ANGEL: Greetings mortal one! I have been sent to check in and make sure all is going according to Plan.


EARTHLING: (Awakened by the swoosh of shimmering wings) Plan?


ANGEL: Yes, the Divine One ordained your life with the Breath and then set you free to discover your destiny. How are you coming along?


(The Angel lifts the hourglass to survey the passing of time and then shakes her head. Much sand has already settled at the bottom of the bottle.)


EARTHLING: I am afraid I do not know what you mean.


ANGEL: That’s what they all say. So many miss the point. And then it’s over.


EARTHLING: But I am walking the paces.


ANGEL: It’s not enough to just live. You have to resurrect.


EARTHLING: Resurrect?


(The earthling turns and looks up at the crucifix hanging above her bed, and shudders.)


ANGEL: (Her eyes suddenly alight, wings twitching in anticipation behind her) Yes, you were given the supernatural power to give life….but also to diminish it….with every breath you take.


EARTHLING: I don’t understand.


ANGEL:  I’ll give you a hint. Your life’s value is measured by your ability to increase love, hope, kindness, joy, forgiveness and mercy during your short stay here.


EARTHLING: (She looks over at the Hourglass and sighs. Regrets weigh heavy.)


ANGEL: It’s incredible, really. With the simplest gestures and the smallest of sacrifices, you can actually bring a spirit back to life, change an outcome for the better, heal a soul (much more impressive than just healing a body), insert love into a space where it has been sorely missing and bring hope to a corner of despair. My friend, you have been entrusted with powers beyond your wildest imagination. This was always the beautiful Plan.


(The earthling shakes her head. Suddenly, you hear her silent musings: I couldn’t resurrect a flea. And how do I fit “resurrection” onto life’s never-ending to do list. What, with raising kids, paying the bills, putting food on the table, moving up the ladder at work….just trying to take care of myself. I’m not getting any younger. And this world…How do I even begin to make a dent in the heartbreak?)


(Suddenly ashamed, the Earthing stops the inner rant. She realizes she is only thinking of herself. Her heart begins to shift into focus.)


EARTHLING: (She turns to face the angel, voice barely above a whisper) How in the world can lowly me actually have the power to resurrect anything?


ANGEL: (She radiates a smile that smoothes every wrinkle of worry on the earthling’s silhouette.) I see you when you pray to Our Creator. In the quiet, you long for more for your life. More love, more hope, more stories of redemption. You want to believe that your life is of more value than dust.


EARTHLING: In secret, I just want to love……. And, be loved.


ANGEL: Yes, that is what WE all long for at our exquisite center.


(The Angel lifts up the hourglass again and appears to take the measure of fleeting Time.)


ANGEL: Resurrection is the heart’s work. Love is your destiny. Nothing else is counted. It’s time you make your life worthy of the divine breath.


(The Angel sets the Hourglass aside. Her wings rise up glorious behind her.)


ANGEL: BEGIN! Your soul has all the time in the world.


(A warm glow, exquisite, radiates from the earthling’s heart center. The Angel recognizes it as hope. The earthling bows her head and whispers to the wings ascending.)


EARTHLING: Thank you.


(The Angel smiles. Her work done.)


(The Angel returns through the Veil. The Earthling rises to meet a new day.)


Live in Hope,


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