Be with me


If I could ask of You one thing, what would it be?

To see into the future

Or maybe to return again the way from which I came.

A peek at Your Love Plan,

Or to shadow a day-in-the-life of the great I AM.

Answers would be nice, to Life’s impossible questions—

The truth of Time,

And why the heart must break.

Could I have Your word that all will be well, always.

Would I use my precious ask to plead for forgiveness for all the many ways I’ve gotten it wrong.

Or just say thank you.

Could I ask if You are proud of me?

Or for assurance that something marvelous is planned for the Hereafter.

Maybe I would ask how to love like You love

Yes, I could certainly ask for joy

And a little of that peace beyond all understanding.

But what I really want to ask of You is:

—Be with me—

now. whatever happens. forever.

This is my prayer.



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