Be with me


If I could ask of You one thing, what would it be?

To see into the future

Or maybe to return again the way from which I came.

A peek at Your Love Plan,

Or to shadow a day-in-the-life of the great I AM.

Answers would be nice, to Life’s impossible questions—

The truth of Time,

And why the heart must break.

Could I have Your word that all will be well, always.

Would I use my precious ask to plead for forgiveness for all the many ways I’ve gotten it wrong.

Or just say thank you.

Could I ask if You are proud of me?

Or for assurance that something marvelous is planned for the Hereafter.

Maybe I would ask how to love like You love

Yes, I could certainly ask for joy

And a little of that peace beyond all understanding.

But what I really want to ask of You is:

—Be with me—

now. whatever happens. forever.

This is my prayer.


  • Mary Carlisle Gambill

    May 28, 2018at1:14 pm Reply

    Love this. It should be in a card in our pockets that we can carry all day long.

  • Polly Keith

    May 28, 2018at8:27 pm Reply

    I say that every morning as I walk to the hospital. Sometimes I can say more, and sometimes I just know that will carry me through the day.
    Big hug.

  • Christine

    May 28, 2018at10:11 pm Reply

    Beautiful prayer/poem. You really dug deep on this one. Appreciate your vulnerability and I can relate to every line. I would add from my life experience. ” Beloved, help us recognize those whose intentions are to hurt rather than love.”

  • Tricia

    May 31, 2018at3:47 am Reply

    Thank you for this peaceful gift~

  • Jade Forlidas

    June 1, 2018at8:14 pm Reply

    I am reading your beautiful prayer now, sitting by the lake, listening to the birds, watching the puffy clouds float by… you captured all the “asks” that have been on my mind as well. Somehow, the last, “be with me” is the most precious. Thank you.

  • Sally Lee

    June 3, 2018at9:49 pm Reply

    Have you put out a poetry book yet? If so, do be busy planning another.

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