The Divine Courtship

I have come to realize that they’ll never be enough lifetimes here on earth to discover and experience all that God is, but what an adventure trying. I cannot boast my spiritual path resembles that of the mystic, the saint, or inspired prophet. But on my best days, it is sincere.

You could say that God and I are still early in our courtship.

What I do know for sure is that I need God by my side—- As close as my heartbeat and as near as my breath. I simply cannot do it here on earth alone. Almost daily, I need to hear those illumined words, “Be Still and Know I am your God,” tenderly wrap around my fragile spirit.

As human beings we experience life in this mysterious space between heaven and earth, birth and death, joy and sorrow, our dust to dust reality and the hint of our soul’s eternality. No wonder the restlessness. Find me someone who doesn’t secretly fear what life holds for them in the next breath. I’ve learned there is a startling difference between saying, even truly believing in the presence and reality of God, and actually inviting the Divine Presence into the intimacies of my life. Although the spiritual path often feels illusive, outside the reach of our intellect and imagination, and a contradiction to our earthbound reality, imagine if we didn’t have God to call out to?

The moment we dare to follow the angel’s lead, take the mysterious leap and trust all that we are into God’s hands, a larger reality, a Divine reality opens before us. There is no greater comfort than in the knowledge that God has my back and will see me through whatever life presents. But even more exciting is the possibility that just maybe by holding God’s hand I might be allowed a peek through the Veil, a transcendent experience that points to my eternal future.

My spiritual path thus far has not been without its disappointments, dark nights of the soul, and deep and lonely valleys. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with doubt, anger, and even disappointment in God. But I have tried my best to hold fast to God’s hand and press forward with as much grace as I can muster.

I’m sure there are many days that God looks at me in complete dismay. I stumble more than I pirouette. But I’m curious, invested, and sincere in my need for God. I want to know the Divine and so I read whatever inspired writings I can get my hands on, seek wisdom from those further ahead on their spiritual journey than me, and then I simply let God know me (warts and all!).

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that all God desires is a sincere heart.

When my days have been counted and the bugle rings to call me back home, my greatest hope is that when I meet God face to face, I already know Him and He knows me, as close as my heartbeat and as near as my breath.

And so the courtship continues!

Live in Hope,



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