Bosom Buddies, the DIVINE BFF!

My relationship with God runs the gamut of hot, cold, and more regularly luke warm. It reminds me of that friendship that we all aspire for, you know the one where every time you are with the person you leave wishing you knew them better and that they knew you better, even your ‘not so pretty’ parts. It’s the friendship where they are genuinely happy when life is good for you and then when you find yourself in a season of less laughter and more ache, they have this supernatural ability to stop time, literally the whole world holds its breath, so that you can bear your soul. And then by a miracle, you leave feeling braver, your cup filled again with hope. Surprisingly, this friend is very content, even welcomes sitting with you in silence, and never judges your fears, your mistakes, even your doubts. Your secrets are always save with them.

So, why aren’t we bosom buddies “BFF’s” with this incredible friend? Is it because it’s God?

Mother Theresa said, “My secret is I pray.” A friendship with our Creator, the Holy One, God, the Great I Am is one where you know you will always get more than you are able to give. It’s an ongoing conversation of life that can be beautiful, ugly, angry, and the definition of bliss. To call God your friend means you can show up at heaven’s doorstep and beg for your life and the lives of those you love and then forget to say thank you, and it’s okay. It’s a friendship that you can ignore for days, weeks, even years, and then when you come back knocking, the door opens sesame, and you fall right back into that sweet spot of grace.

I know glimmers of that kind of extravagant friendship. I know what it feels like to sit with God and actually take a breath, allow my soul a word, seek inspiration for my writing, clarity when I am tangled, forgiveness for my missteps, and hope when life feels too heavy.

Where else in our lives can we be so raw, so vulnerable, so true? And yet, we so often take this friendship for granted. 

A relationship with God should be the easiest thing we have ever done in our lives. There are no rules. You don’t have to say a prescribed number of Hail Mary’s, kneel beside your bed, or even speak to your Friend every single day to experience the mystery, the love, the mercy, and the unmerited grace that happens when we invite God into our lives.

I don’t know about you but I have this cool friend. You many know a little something about Him. He created the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, my kind husband, and five beautiful children. He is good for inspiration and has on numerous occasions picked me up when Life has knocked me down. God has a keen sense of humor and darn if He just keeps forgiving all my blunders. I am surely not worthy of this Divine friendship, but immensely grateful.

Live in Hope,



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