An Offered Prayer


I am a little boat on the great sea of Life.

One moment it’s tangerine skies and smiles, the next, ominous clouds move in, silver-rimmed in dread.

My faith quivers, rough waters batter my heart, the lightening strikes down my courage, and all I see around is darkness.

Where once I felt in control of my destiny, a theology of hope easily upon my lips, now there is a raging squall of fear that threatens all that I am.

I cannot help but be afraid, even angry that You—The Incarnation of Love—would place my heart in such peril.

Suddenly, all is not as it seemed or should be.

I begin to question my value to You, mistrust Your power and promises, and talk of hope feels empty words.

And then out of the wild tempest, comes a voice:

“I’m in the boat with you.”

The storm continues to jostle my equilibrium.

But again, the Voice roars:

“I’m in the boat with you.”

Say it is true, God.

When the wind blows through my spirit, my faith trembles within me and I’ve wept a sea of tears.

You will call out,

“I’m in the boat with you.”



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