Just Believe

Does your Heart have an imagination?

The ancient miracle play is about to commence.

Take your place.

You have been cast to play: Your one true self.

The soul always gets the lead.

Leave it to humanity to fumble in the darkness backstage when salvation is within their grasp.

Peek beyond the curtain.

Don’t look so surprised.

Divine Providence is seated front and center.

God always gets the best seat in the house. 

Your only stage direction: Believe.

It is the one great courageous act.

The monumental questions of Life threaten stage fright:

Does my life have a special purpose? Is there a heaven?

Does the Omega really know me by name? Will there be an end to the suffering?

Why doesn’t God defeat the darkness once and for all?

Will there ever be peace on earth? Can Love really save?

God pipes up from the balcony: Live into the answers.

No more posturing.

Pick up your shepherd’s crook, straighten your wings, don’t forget the frankincense.

We have been promised a birth.

The lights come up—Give into the Mystery.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. See ya in 2015!


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