Love you More!

I’m a sucker for love! Every night I play this game with my children where I say, “I Love you.” They respond, “I love you more.”

And then I crescendo with, “IMPOSSIBLE!”

It’s as if you can actually see their heart growing out of their chests! When it’s all said and done we all just want to know we are crazy loved! 

 Following are all sorts of creative ways to relish love this Valentine’s! 

There can never be enough hearts in this world! Stop by White’s Mercantile on 12th South and pick up this yummy Rails “heart” shirt.

heart shirt


To thine heart be true! Surprise those you love with a love note! Homemade cards are the best, especially when you tuck them in a child’s backpack, or under your lover’s pillow! Check out the Paper Source for all sorts of creative ways to say I love you!  

Love cards

Head over to Little Gourmand (A little Paris in Nashville!) on Bandywood Drive and splurge on French macaroons, the coolest bars of French chocolate (They have fun scenes from around Paris!), a pretty in Pink “Love” tea from Kusmi, and my personal favorite, dark chocolate-covered shortbread!



On Valentine’s morning, I will surprise my kids with Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! Trader Joe’s has authentic waffles from Belgium. My new splurge is Coco Whip! You can find it in the freezer section at Whole Foods! It’s delicious on waffles, cresting a cup of coffee, or by the spoonful!


trader-joes-belgian-waffles-box-350x209coco whip

My gift of choice this Valentine’s Day is Daniel Ladinsky’s book of gorgeous poems, Love Poems from God!

Love poems form God

My dream Valentine’s day would be sitting on the sofa (after a Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epson salts bath), a big bowl of my signature popcorn with M&M’s and watching a chick flick. Top of the list would be The Holiday and Begin Again!

Holiday movie

Begin Again




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