One foot in front of the other

Here we are standing on the precipice of a new year, and I feel myself holding back. The changing of the guards, one year to the next, conjures both feelings of anticipation and anxiety. Quickly, I can stir up alot of dust ruminating over all the what if’s and unknown denominators of the future: my first teenager driving, a friend beginning chemo, a new book to be edited, the health of my parents, children and loved ones, my President’s cavalier attitude about “pushing the button.” No wonder I have one foot still planted in 2017.

I spent Christmas in snow-covered Wyoming. On an ambitious hike (a Christmas tradition) to the Snake River with my eleven year old daughter, Elise, it was ten degrees, snowing buckets and 50mph swirling winds. We knew our ultimate destination, but due to the conditions, we could only see a few feet in front of us as we trudged determinedly through the white drifts. It struck me that this is also maybe the only way to live—-one foot in front of the other——trusting the Almighty that I will find my way and ultimately reach my destination.

It is up to me how gracefully I make my way down the path unknown. I cannot risk burning good energy worrying about what could happen, or where I will be in June, or fretting over possible setbacks, disappointments and hypothetical scenarios. Jesus said it plainly, “Which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to the span of your life?” Life is uncertain. I have no idea what is around the next bend for me: brutal or beautiful. But God is absolutely certain I will arrive at my destination. I have to temper my fears and release the need to be in control. I must rise for the step before me, ready to relish and endure whatever is to come, confident that I will not have to take a single step alone. I have to say every single day: “God, I trust you.”

The writer, Barbara Brown Taylor, offers the metaphor of the ferris wheel for life. Each of us will undoubtedly experience low moments on the earthly ride where all we see is dirty sawdust and empty candy wrappers. But rest assured, on that ferris wheel there will be redemptive moments on high—-where we feel like we can touch the stars.

Much gratitude for all of your support in 2017!

Watch out 2018—-Here we come—loving, blessing, praying, hoping, healing, enduring and enjoying whatever you’ve got in store for us!

Live in Hope,




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