Parenting Check-In

Most days I parent by the seat of my pants. After one of my many parenting blunders, my mom was quick to say, “you can make mistakes and you will, many, just make sure your kids always know you love them.” I find the loving part comes natural, it’s the raising them to be kind, faithful, joyful, respectful, human beings…a little more challenging…especially in this crazy, techno-frenetic, self-absorbed, scary world we often live in.

Ten years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Sissy and David from Daystar Ministries here in Nashville. They are the true parenting gurus! They have blessed me with such great advice about how to wade the waters of temper tandrums, bullying, pre-teens and technology, and the list goes on. They are a brilliant parenting “think tank,” but what I especially love about them is their tender, faith-based approach! Love is always at the center!

I am so excited to invite them for TWO NIGHTS, starting THIS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th and NEXT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th to come to Woodmont and talk about “Intentional Parenting,” and “Taming the Technological Monster.” 

Intentional Parenting: Wednesday, September 18th 6:30pm
Regardless of age, your children look to you to help them discover who you are.  And you can only offer that to the degree that you know who you are.  You are growing right alongside them.  This class centers around what it looks like to be more patient, balanced, hopeful and free as a parent.  Our hope is that it will refresh you with humor, truth and grace and enable to parent with all of the love, mercy and intentionality with which God continues to parent you. 

Taming the Technology Monster: Wednesday, September 25th 6:30pm

Parenting is a more challenging…and sometimes more frightening task than it’s ever been before.  Much of the fright and challenge have to do with our twenty-first century friend, technology.  In this seminar, we’ll discuss trends in technology among kids today, what you can do to protect your family from the dangers of this “monster”, and even turn the monster into opportunities for good in the life of your child and family.

To make this easy and convenient for you, we will serve dinner at 5:30 for you and your kids and then provide FREE childcare while you go upstairs in the sanctuary and get encouraged and inspired as parents(Just call the church office and give them a head count)!!! Even if your kids are small, their advice will influence your parenting. I encourage taking notes! I can’t tell you how many times I have looked back over mine!

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