A Prayer

Audio Prayer by F. Mason (click Play above to listen)

Music by David Nevue, “While the Trees Sleep”

Holy One,

Please enter in where you already abide.

Although our lives are measured in breaths, you only take notice of our hearts.

It makes little difference whether we are wet behind the ears, our faith as green as the stallion in the corral, or the mystic, radiating wisdom from her third eye.

Every day is an experiment in Love.

Your holy spirit percolates in our marrow, lighting us from the inside out.

So, why do we wrestle with the angels, when the Holy Grail is within our grasp?

We live in this mysterious space in between—in the world, and yet not completely of the world, clothed in the fragility of flesh and bone, and yet mysteriously punctuated by a lighted soul.

Haunted by the presence of evil and frightened by the unpredictability, we underestimate the power of Love.

Stubborn as mules, we grab the reins, convinced we can control how this planet turns. When all you ever asked of us was to trust.

“Remember,” you said, “I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised.”

Loosen the bindings of fear so that hope may catch us in its luminous net.

School us on how to reach down into our divine depths, the place of our noble soul, to rediscover:

A welling of courage that we thought not possible,

A capacity for love that makes us heroic,

A peace beyond our own understanding,

And, a flicker of light, heaven’s guarantee: The Darkness shall not win.




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