99 Names for God

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This past week I met a young man from Jordan who introduced me to the dhikir, a form of meditative prayer where one recites aloud or silently the 99 sacred names of God. Thumbing his prayer beads, I watched as my new friend remembered God, one bead, one holy name, at a time, here are a few—The Truth, The Restorer, The Hidden One, The Forgiver, The Gatherer, The Creator of Good, The Patient One, The Beginning, The End, The Lover, The Creative One, The Mystery, The Redeemer—each name revealing another facet of the nature of the Divine.

Who knew God could be so intriguing?

I fear I’m guilty of  “remembering” the Beloved only when I need something. As soon as the earth shakes beneath my feet, I drop to my knees, petitioning my Father in Heaven to swoop in—- The Rescuer.

If we really want to claim that God is part of our lives and that we know Him, then we owe it to ourselves and to God to etch on our hearts His Name(s).

It’s scary how easy it is to live each day here on earth without ever crossing paths with God or anything Sacred for that matter. We can go days, months, even years with only a courtesy wave in God’s direction. The spiritual discipline of “Praying the Holy Names” is a beautiful icebreaker. Once you know someone’s name, an intimacy ensues.

Prayer and meditation do not come natural to me (unless I’m storming the heavens like a fish wife in a crisis)! I need help stepping away from the world so that God even has a chance to introduce Himself.

This past Christmas my mother in law gifted me with a prayer bead bracelet that I love. I have found the discipline of moving one bead at a time through my fingers relaxes me. I start by praying by name for the people that I love. Sometimes, I will whisper a scripture, “Be still and know that I am God.” As soon as I thumb a bead the distance between God and my heart mysteriously disappears and a holy conversation begins. I am suddenly free to bare my soul.

I cannot claim to really know God. I’m just scratching the surface. But it’s exciting to try, learning one name at a time.

I do know that when I call out—-Beloved, Jesus, Holy One, Creator, Divine, God—doors that have been closed magically open, questions find answers, inspiration abounds, hope is restored, and I sense there is Something more!

Live in Hope,


p.s. Click on the bracelet below to check out the local artisan, Judith Bright for her sandalwood prayer beads! 

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