The Divine Depository


“Can any of you by worrying add a single day to your life?”  —Gospel of Matthew 6:27

Holy and Loving God,

I arrive to the Divine Depository with a heart-sack full of worries.

Worry—in all its incarnations—follows me like a tall and looming shadow.

I try and shake worry off my trail, but it always seems to find its way back to me.

When love takes the stage, worry is always waiting in the wings.

No one worries about the things they aren’t afraid to lose.

Precious—A word to define all.

I worry I take the preciousness of life for granted. Forgive me.

And then there is the not-knowing. Not-knowing what is ahead for me and for those I love. Not knowing how much time I have to see, to experience, to learn—to love more and better.

I worry that I am not living up to your hopes and expectations for me.

Am I noble?

Do I deserve to be called a beloved of the Beloved?

I worry about the disparity. Why is it that some of us are clothed in the splendors of Solomon while others stand bare to the howling winds? One will weep a tin of tears while another will fill an ocean, all in the same lifetime. Will there be a time when the way will be blessed for all?

In secret, I worry that hope is enough. Will it see me and those I love through a too-dark night? Will the joy return as promised in the morning?

I worry about the final breath. Where will all the love go? Surely, You have a plan. Love cannot end. Is there another destination, or better, another adventure—wondrous, that awaits us?

I fear I have exceeded my quota at the Divine Depository. And yet, I am just beginning. There is a litany of day-to-day worries that pinprick my heart and tangle my thoughts.

Most of them are nothing more than hot air, I know, but they rob me of joy.

I feel awfully selfish leaving you with all my worries, and yet You seem to relish the intimacy.

Before I go, You insist I take a little of that peace (that transcends all understanding) with me.

It’s the reason I keep coming back to the Divine Depository.

Could there be anything more wonderful than a soul-at-precious peace?

A most grateful amen.



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