Bread & Honey Valentine’s

It’s all about love at Bread and Honey today! I have had so much fun hand-picking special “heart happies” for those you love the best. Expressions of love can be whimsical like a heart ring or cupid bath bomb; healing like our aromatherapy oil; tender with a gift of a collection of prayers; sweet with a hand-made card, or just plain fun like chocolate croissants! Nothing compares to the knowledge that you made someone else feel special, important and loved!

Small gestures + big love = happy souls

1. I Heard God Laughing

Another beautiful collection of love poems to God from Daniel Ladinsky. His words are like a piece of dark chocolate for the soul.

2. Le Creuset Heart Coccotte

I gave these “hearts” to my closest gals. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a heart, especially when it’s in the “heart” of my house: the kitchen! You can cook in it or set it on the counter spilling with Hershey’s kisses!

3. Black Truffle Salt

Want to be transported to the south of France or Tuscan hills while sitting at your own kitchen table? Truffle salt is your golden ticket. Who knew a steaming plate of pasta with a little butter, Parmesan and truffle salt could be so delectable? Truffle salt is truly a chef’s best kept cooking secret. It transforms a steak, roasted vegetables and pasta right before your eyes. France, here I come!

4. The Pocket Cathedral

I had no idea that my simple collection of prayers would speak to so many hearts. It proves that like me, each one of us are longing for connection with something larger than ourselves. My hope is that my conversation with God will help give words to the conversation happening in your own heart. This is a gift that I pray will land softly on the hearts of those you love.

5. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants

Saturday morning bliss at my house is a perfectly flaky croissant dipped in a frothy cup of coffee. The trick is you place the croissants on a tray the night before so they can rise. Pop them in the oven for 15 minutes and relish that your kitchen smells like a Parisian boulangerie and your family breakfast is transformed into something special!

6. Big Heart Ring

I found this heart ring on a recent trip to California. The designer, Wendy Faye, speaks love in the shape of a heart in all of her jewelry designs. She has been kind enough to offer all Bread and Honey friends a 20% discount if you type in breadandhoney in the promo. It was the perfect gift for my eldest daughter and I must admit I love mine too!

7. Cupid Bath Bomb

Lush bath bombs are the rage at my house! Want to create a little peace in your house and the world? Give your four year old, your husband, your best friend, your boss a lavender and chamomile bath bomb and tell them to go take a bath! It works wonders for smoothing out the rough edges and calming the soul!

8. Bread and Honey Essential Oil

I am a huge believer in the power of oils to soothe and nourish our little spirits. It is the reason I worked so hard with a local apocothary to create a special Bread and Honey blend that I use every night on my children, for myself to help me sleep, and even as a delicate perfume. We live in a frenetic world. We and our children need ways to calm ourselves. The ritual of anointing with oils transforms an ordinary moment (like the kid’s night-time routine) into something sacred, even holy. The bouquet of roman chamomile, lavender, frankincense and bergamot promises delicious peace. All the ingredients are organic and the finest on the market. Treat your family to one!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Farrell


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