The Best In Me is You in Me

I called to God from my narrowness, and God answered me with a vast expanse. 

Psalm 118:5


Some days I wake up feeling especially human. My imperfections seem to outshine my glories. No one would believe I have any relation to God by my thoughts, actions, and dismal soul-showing. My friend Tallu recently wrote an encouraging prayer asking God to help mend the divine image in her. Sometimes we need help remembering that we are more than our current circumstances, our insecurities, our flawed humanity. We are of God. And God is of us.

Human with a spark of divine

Divine One,

You are the love, the beauty and the mercy

in me.

the silent devotion

the living hope

the awe and wonder

the giver and the dreamer in me.

You are the strength, the tenacity and never-give up resilience in me.

The sunbeam and buttermoon glow that radiates from me.

You are the coordinates of heaven mapped on me

The softness, the quiet, the reflective, the graceful in me

All that is benevolent, holy and divine is You

in me.

I am vast,

with endless potential

A soul of The Soul.

A part of You and You a part of me.

Remind me when I forget who I am—truly.

Human with Your spark of divine.

A most grateful amen.


Listen to the song May It Be by Enya.