A Prayer to Begin

Welcome back! We are coming up on our five-year mark for Bread and Honey. J.K. Rowling once said in an interview that she writes to understand who she is, what she believes and what is important to her. Every week over the last five years I have done my very best to share my heart: what I wrestle with spiritually, what I know and have experienced about God, and what gives me joy. I have shared with you what I am curious about, what lights me up, and what gives me peace. There have been bite-size spiritual homilies, simple and yummy recipes that I make for own my family, book recommendations, prayers both written and spoken, and new product offerings like my healing oil that I created to nourish the soul. I have also shared my struggles, my flaws and doubts because I believe it’s important to show an authentic spiritual journey.

I cannot speak enough gratitude that you have been willing to read my words, listen to my prayers, dare my recipes in your own kitchens, and support my writing by purchasing my books!

If you’ll have me, I would love the opportunity to continue to bring to life the conversations that take place on my heart, share my faith journey and most importantly offer a little hope in your lives. Time is so precious to each of us and I want to make sure that Bread and Honey delivers each week what your soul needs and desires. Please reach out with kind critiques and inspired ideas of things you would like me to write about over the coming year! And I would so appreciate you passing along the blog to family, friends and anyone you know that could use a word of hope!

As I begin this new school year with my kids, return to work, writing and try to locate my grounding in this new season before me, it is so important that I check in with myself and God. I believe every worthy endeavor begins with a prayer. Following is a new prayer to begin again together!


Holy and Loving God,

No one knows me like You do; beast and beauty.

Luminous and many a chink in my armor.

Inside this gargoyle lives an angel.

In the deep of my Deep, I long to live a noble, loving and beautiful life.

But oh how life can trip me up in my evolving.

First, it’s the busyness.

I fear I skim only the top off of life in my rush to be here, there and everywhere

Instead of allowing my soul to steep in the grace of every breath.

The worry;

When I give it power it tightens like a corset around my soul.

A great regret is how long it takes me to realize I am not Atlas charged with holding up the whole world in my hands.

And come running to the trees to find You.

Beneath the chiseled stone, You know I am a tender being.

Help me be more resilient when life’s arrows slip through the chain mail and prick my soul.

You see how I ruminate;

Remind me the right way is always love-driven.

Cut a pattern of redemption in my story.

Mercy given, mercy received—sets me free.

I want to be free.

At my hopeful half-point, there is still so much for me to learn about myself

And especially about You.

I need to sit more in the classroom of cosmic stillness.

Stillness is where the angels do their best work.

I long for our conversations in the quiet.

You settle me.

I need to finally trust You—-With Everything——Once and for all.

Take on my wings and enjoy more the glide.

Eternal is already stamped on my passport.

And for those I love.

That should give me the sweet peace I long for.

Buoyant is the word I have chosen for this season.

The definition: Always rising

This will be my heart’s focus.

Oh, And lest I forget, my day job in the kingdom is to give hope.

One soul a day (at a minimum)!

Let us now set out together.

My hand in Yours.

I and Thou

(Now and Forevermore)


(audio version)

Live in Hope,



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