Bread and Honey Christmas Gift Guide

I can’t believe we are less than three weeks away from Christmas! I love picking out thoughtful gifts for the people I love! There is something in this year’s list for everyone! Merry! Merry!

Christmas Gift Guide
Gratitude Journal
Full of Heart Gratitude Journal

My friend Anne introduced me to this company who personalizes gratitude journals, even emblazoning your name on the cover. Years ago, a friend shared that the secret to her peace, balance and healthy perspective was a daily discipline of writing down three things she was grateful for before doing anything else. When we feel lost, overwhelmed by life and low on hope, taking stock of what we have going in our favor helps us to locate a glimmer of light and brave a step forward.

Devotions by Mary Oliver
Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver 

This collection of poems is a metaphorical sanctuary which draws me back to that which is sacred, holy and divine. Oliver has a gift for finding God in the simple and ordinary. Through Oliver’s spiritual seeking, we find answers to our own longings for beauty, for hope—for God. Her words help us to answer the questions of who we are, who and where God is, and where we might locate a little hope to make our way.  A poem a day is good for the soul!

Hope for Haiti
Sponsor a Child in Haiti

My heart goes out to Haiti. With the recent earthquake and ensuing chaos, basic living, the availability of resources like food, water, and gasoline, and personal safety is a daily challenge. Danita’s Children in Haiti is an organization that literally saves children’s lives. I was recently introduced to an eight-year old boy named Elony. He was a “restavek,”  a child in Haiti sent by his parents (who lack the resources to support the child) to work as a domestic servant. Thanks to my friend Karris, Elony is now living at Danita’s Children, finally going to school and having three meals a day. More importantly, he is being cherished! For $35 dollars a month, my family gets to participate in the Danita miracle which ensures that Elony is cared for, gets an education through high school, and has the opportunity to go to college. I have a feeling Elony is going to be the most meaningful gift of our family’s Christmas. Go to their website, reach out to Karris, and make a difference!

KiwiCo Box
KiwiCo – Monthly Subscription Build Kits for Kids

I am a big fan of this company for their creative offerings to draw our kids away from screens and instead focus on expanding their imagination, creativity and ability to make something cool. Every month, your child will receive an exciting box containing a project for them to build. Last month, my 8-year-old son Percy built his first robot. I love the Stem box, the cooking box and the art box. The best thing about this gift is your child will receive a gift each month for a year!

Forest Feast Book
The Forest Feast Mediterranean: Simple Vegetarian Recipes by Erin Gleeson

Cookbooks give me such joy. I read them like novels. I have fallen in love with Erin Gleeson’s extra special cookbooks that take you away on a magic carpet ride! Her artwork and photography are beautiful.

Uma Body Oil
Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil

I was given this special oil as a gift and I cannot keep it a secret. Not only is the oil nourishing for your mind, body and spirit, the smell of orange blossom, rose, and sandalwood is heavenly.

Thistle Farms Candle Set
Thistle Farms Healing Candle Collection Set

This week I interviewed Becca Stevens, the founder of Thistle Farms, and she had the most amazing candle illumined. Not only did the candle smell good, but the decorative jar is beautiful. I am giving friends the healing set of candles that guarantees to promote calm in and around you. All of the proceeds go to supporting the women at Thistle Farms. The Thistle Farms mission is to offer women who have suffered from abuse, addiction, prostitution and incarceration a new chapter, one of hope, in their lives. Becca and her team provide free housing for two years, counseling, and a job! All the products are made by these amazing women. And let me tell you, the products are luxuriant!

Herb Garden Box
Harry and David Herb Garden Box

This is the gift I am giving myself this Christmas. As we head into winter, I am excited about having fresh rosemary, thyme and sage growing on my kitchen counter for cooking and to perfume the room!

Pocket Cathedral

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member that could use some words of hope and encouragement,The Pocket Cathedral is a perfect gift. It is a collection of over 100 prayers that speak to and soothe the soul!

Love, Farrell

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