Bread and Honey’s Fall Favorites

To live soulfully is to savor the small things in life like a good night’s sleep, an Epsom salt bath, an afternoon cup of tea and a cookie, a good book, cashew butter smeared on a Golden delicious apple, tying up my laces and jogging the trails of Percy Warner Park, holding hands with one of my little people, and making “love drops” of my famous banana chocolate chip muffins to friends and family. For me, life is sweetened by the simplest gestures. I have pulled together a collection of my current “soul joys!” I would love it if you would gift me with some of yours!

Fall Favorites

Sleep is a struggle for me and I was turned on to this product by a friend. Every night, I make a little cup of tea thirty minutes before bed. The mineral magnesium found in this supplement helps to quiet the mind, relax muscles and encourages a restful night’s sleep.

Le Creuset heart pot

I love all things hearts and Creuset pots are my guilty pleasure. My mom gave me this cherry-red heart for Christmas two years ago and I use it almost every day!

Judith Bright Sandalwood Prayer bead bracelet

I am rarely without my prayer bead bracelet. I often thumb through the beads when I’m feeling anxious, waiting in the school pick up line, or quietly saying my prayers.

Oggi coffee cups

I go to sleep at night anticipating my first cup of coffee in the morning. I love these insulated glasses because I can see the thick layer of expresso topped with my Aerocino’s perfect almond milk foam! It’s the small joys!

“Contemplation” by Karen White

Nothing makes me happier than a piece of my mom’s art hanging on my wall! Check out her new paintings on instagram: @KarenWhiteArt

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

A French bookseller on the rue de Rivoli put this book into my hands this summer and boy was that a gift!

Jen Hatmaker podcasts

I absolutely loved her interview with Barbara Brown Taylor! Jen Hatmaker is surely living soulfully and appears to be having a lot of fun along the way!

Mood Probiotics

I started taking Probiotics a year ago after reading a great deal about the gut brain connection. The science is here and a little Ashwanganda is an added perk!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society movie

I have watched this movie three times on Netflix! It’s a delight.

Bae’s Butters

Roasted organic cashews with organic Himalayan pink salt: Pure heaven! Every Tuesday afternoon, I visit the 12th South Farmer’s market for a paper sack of Golden Delicious apples and this incredible stone ground cashew butter.

Herbes de Provence

I use Herbes de Provence in everything from my roasted chicken, French salad dressing to my famous homemade croutons!

Kusmi Detox Tea

I drink a cup of this tea every day! The French claim it’s great for the skin and it tastes delicious.


Happy Fall!

Love, Farrell

  • Tesair Lauve

    October 22, 2018at1:45 pm Reply

    Farrell, I also loved the Neil Gaiman book. Here’s a recommendation for you: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by Thad Carhart, a charming story about a hidden Paris.

    • BandH

      October 22, 2018at3:54 pm Reply

      Tesair, You know exactly what I love! This book looks right up my alley! Thank You!


    October 22, 2018at4:14 pm Reply

    So happy to see the Herbs of Provence and the BB Detox tea in your Fall favorites ! Thank you and xoxo

  • Darlene Fleming

    October 22, 2018at7:38 pm Reply

    Any information available yet on the trip to Lourdes? I am one of three friends who are very interested in being a part of your trip.
    Thank you,

  • Belle

    October 22, 2018at8:50 pm Reply

    Thanks, sweet friend! Agree with so many and will try others!

    One of my joys beyond my peeps and dogs… A maiden hair fern… in several spots in the house. They are airy, fresh, and light. They are also unforgiving if not watered regularly. They seem to help me with a simple little routine. I love “tending” them and delighting when I keep them going a long time. Even when one dries up in the blink of an eye, I cut it back to the dirt, water, and watch it resurrect! Easy, yet peaceful and rewarding somehow! Belle

  • Jennifer Puryear

    October 24, 2018at1:33 am Reply

    I love your list, Farrell!! What lovely, calming, soulful recommendations. xoxo

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