Music heals

Music continues to be a faithful friend that embraces and accompanies me through the kaleidoscope of human experience. Often music articulates the state of my heart when I struggle for words. Lyrics become holy affirmations urging me to rise. At the funeral for Evelyn Diekhaus, the Nashville band, Lady A, sang the beloved anthem, Run to You. I experienced the song as a directive to run toward God, not away. Every time I listen to Samual Barber’s, Adagio for Strings, my soul drops into this mysterious pocket, otherworldly and eternal. Lately, music has been responsible for buoying my tender spirit. For example, Lauren Daigle’s new song, Thank God I Do, christens each day. I love how music opens a space inside me to let the light in. A friend gifted me Ma Muse’s beautiful song, Glorious, to remind me the world is flushed with goodness, beauty, and reasons to hope. Tandem with prayer, music frees me to mourn, heal, and find my joy again.


At its best, music invites transcendence. We close our eyes and are transported from the hard and heart-breaking to new realms of possibility. Glimmers of divinity are everywhere and in everything. Even, and especially in sorrow, we must open our eyes, ears and hearts to it. Thank you to the singers, songwriters, and musicians who give us melodies to mend our broken hearts and give us new hope.


In the spirit of “running toward God,” I made us a playlist, entitled, Live in Hope. I hope it brings you comfort, hope, even joy. I love the idea of us listening to the same music as a community, and our hearts finding healing together. If you have a song that you believe would enhance the hope playlist, please email me!


Give my playlist a listen: Live in Hope