Spreading Souljoy

Spreading Souljoy

Spreading Souljoy

I don’t know where you are on the Corona roller coaster ride, whether you are riding high or the bottom just fell out. Wherever you are, I am sending some light your way this week. In this spirit, I have curated all sorts of creative things from French croissants to a video of my top reads, movies, music, and favorite family activities that will lift your spirit! We are in this together. We will get through this!

Local Lift Ups
Little Gourmand - A Tasty French Market
Little Gourmand

I would like to lift up one of my favorite places here in Nashville, Little Gourmand. This is where you will find me most Saturday mornings picking up chocolate croissants for my kids and two almond croissants for me! As I said before, it is up to us to help one another through these difficult days! My dear friends, Eric and Guinevere, the owners of Little Gourmand, have really been hit hard lately. First, their son got Covid 19 in Canada and they could not be with him, the Cafe had to close, except for take out which has been a financial blow, and then to top it off the storms last Monday in Nashville destroyed their home! They continue to be strong and serve others, but could really use a little hope and our generosity! Over the coming weeks, I invite you to treat yourself and friends to a little of France by ordering croissants for breakfast and the classic French ham and cheese sandwich (or many other delicious choices) for lunch.You can call or order online! Show them some love!!! Bon Appetit!


Farrell holding her favorite sandwich from Little Gourmand Parisian Baguette from Little Gourmand

Parnassus Books in Nashville TN
Parnassus Books

Reading is something that has carried me gracefully through this time period. I have several book recommendations, including my top spiritual reads and some terrific novels to take you off on an adventure! Hope you like the video! Whether you read books from my list or your own, I encourage you to support your local bookstore, Parnassus.

Getting Through

The stay-at-home order has been in place for more than a month now and we are just starting to get into a groove at the Mason household! We’ve found a handful of things that have made the confinement doable, even fun. I’d like to share three of our favorites.

Dinosaur drawn by Miss Coates
Art Class with Miss Coates 

Evie Coates has been doing drawing lessons every weekday at 2 pm, streaming to Instagram and posting on Youtube. As an elementary school art teacher, her lessons are perfect for the whole family. Each lesson is between 20-40 minutes long and uses supplies you already have at home, giving the family an excuse to spend some time together and get our creative juices flowing. Evie is fun to listen to, and she is a remarkable teacher! We have created an art gallery on the kids doors (mine are taped on the refrigerator! Who knew I could draw a still life of flowers, a pirate ship, even a hot air balloon?!)

A Boy Called Sailboat Movie Poster
A Boy Called Sailboat

This is a quirky, but soulful Indie movie for the whole family. The movie opens in a small and desolate town in New Mexico. A young Hispanic boy named Sailboat discovers a guitar and writes a song that gifts his family and town with a miracle. I would also like to recommend again to you The Peanut Butter Falcon and Leap! (Leap was actually written and produced by my friend Eric) As for TV shows, we are big fans of Songland (Lots of Nashville songwriters)!

Good Shepherd New York
The Sun Will Rise

Music is saving us all! This song by the talented musicians at Good Shepherd New York has become my theme song! I hope it turns up your glow like it has mine!

Love, Farrell


The more we share the more we have


One of the most devastating results of Covid-19 is how many children in America right now are going hungry! My friend Tallu at Nashville Food Project is working on the front lines every single day getting healthy, nutritional meals to kids who depended on the one meal a day from their schools. I pray you would consider a donation to the Nashville Food Project in order to keep Nashville kids fed this summer!


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