Spring Souljoy

To live soulfully is to appreciate the small things in life. Maybe it is the Carolina Wren singing for a crowd at Radnor Lake, or a cup of tea with your mom or a friend, enjoying a baguette with olive oil, or cracking open a new book. I am convinced that God was counting on us to suck the nectar dry, and enjoy “the sweet” of the human spiritual experience! Following are a handful of some of my current “joys.” I hope you will share some of yours too!

Spring Souljoy
Baguette from Dozen bakery

I have been known to drive twenty minutes out of my way for a warm baguette from the artisans of Dozen Bakery. Nothing makes me happier than dipping a crusty baguette into buttery olive oil. Not too mention, it gives me my France fix!

Read Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

I love Oxford, England, C.S. Lewis, and I am always up for a beautiful love story. This book has it all! What I especially appreciated about this novel was the slow, and patient courtship and spiritual awakening shared between Jack and Joy. This is a great read!

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table, a Netflix original documentary, profiles “soulful” chefs who elevate the art of the meal to a spiritual experience. Part of living soulfully is discovering what turns your soul on and going after it! Every chef profiled from Massimo Bottura in Italy, Dan Barber in New York, Alain Passard in Paris, to Sean Brock here in Nashville and Charleston, SC are these living “Da Vinci’s” in the kitchen! Yes, the food is inspiring. But what moves me more is watching these masters discover their life’s calling and pursue it with such incredible dedication, creativity and passion. I’m inspired by their gusto!

Juice Bar’s Green Smoothie, substitute almond milk, add MACA

This is my attempt to “green up” my life! The MACA is my secret weapon. It is a root from Peru, proven to naturally balance hormones, increase energy and aid in sleep!

Croissant Amande on Saturday morning from Little Gourmand

Guilty! Bread is one of the great pleasures of my life! But I also enjoy popping into Little Gourmand to hear a little French and pick up some of my French favorites like Herbes de Provence and Verveine tea!

Beloved Bracelet to raise money for Danita’s Children

This is a “heart” project for me because I so admire Karris Hudson and Danita who have given their lives to Danita’s Children orphanage in Haiti, but also because I have met some of the children whose lives have been profoundly changed! We can never underestimate what love can do! The proceeds from every bracelet goes directly to the kid’s at Danita’s! I have around 25 left! They would be perfect Mother’s Day gift! I love mine!

A Point of View by Elizabeth Hasselbeck

My friend Elizabeth has led the most extraordinary life which she writes beautifully about in her latest book, A Point of View. From a Wednesday night dinner at the White House with the Queen of England, to interviewing President Obama four times, to riding a Segway with Justin Bieber, to bravely speaking her convictions on national TV for 10 years on The View, to helping me fly a little Haitian boy named Ferlando diagnosed with cancer to Nashville, she is a spiritual spitfire. What I admire most about Elizabeth is her deep kindness, which I have been blessed by too many times to count, but also her generosity in sharing her own spiritual journey in the hopes it will encourage our own!

Jarrow MagMind vitamins for brain health

Who knew magnesium was so important for our health and longevity! Apparently, every cell in our body needs it to function. Magnesium is helpful with increased energy, muscle recovery, brain health (from brain fog to depression), inflammation, prevention of headaches, and a good night’s sleep! Talk to your doctor before you try it! But I’m a fan!

Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Soap and Body Wash

I have just returned from an amazing conference led by Richard Rohr in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I stayed on a working organic lavender farm with chickens, peacocks and llamas! I fell in love with their handmade organic lavender hand soap and body wash! This is the biggest treat!

Hillsong United at Ascend Amphitheater on May 4

Some of my favorite spiritual songs are written and performed by the Australian band, Hillsong United. Often their hits, Oceans, 100 Billion, and New Wine are the musical backdrop in our house. They are coming to Nashville and I am taking the whole family. I hope to see you there!

Love, Farrell

Go to your local Nursery and purchase a hearty mint plant! No need for a green thumb! This plant has superhuman powers whether planted in a pot or in your herb garden! You can use it in green salads, fruit salads, a Summer cocktail and it is the best kept secret for a fragrant floral arrangement!!


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