The luminous moments

Every life is braided with luminous moments.

John O’ Donohue


Corona has humbled, slowed down, and uncomfortably awakened me to the reality that I am not in control here. The vulnerability is real. I feel it poignantly in my body and my spirit. My adventurous wings have been cut, and there is no clear indication when it will be safe to resume flight. In the holy pause, I am testing the invisible fibers of faith designed to hold me together. I am praying that God would speak clear, deep and gentle words of hope into my center. Holding on to my faith and sunny, hopeful disposition has been a challenge in this season. I had no idea it was possible to experience an entire alphabet of emotions in one day. Recently I shared with a friend that I feel like a little sailboat that leaves her harbor each day for a junket on the sea. No day is alike. Monday it might be smooth sailing. I’m confident, content, grateful and dreaming of what will come next when all this is over. The very next day, I can be knocked sideways by a weather forecast that spells doom and gloom. My boat can metaphorically take on water. Fear, anger, grief and worry can sink my day.


The reality is we do not have control over Corona regarding it’s strength, impact and longevity. But we do have great agency when it comes to how well and often we love, embody hope, and pray. We have to pay attention to the ¬†“luminous” moments that are occurring all around us. This is what will see us through, even mark this time as sacred. I love what Annie Dillard said, “Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense it. The least we can do is try to be there.”


In this spirit, I have recorded a couple of prayers for you to listen to this week. I hope they will bring you peace and remind you to lean into love and make room for grace to do its redemptive work in and all around you!


Live in Hope!

The Pocket Cathedral


I invite you to open again your Pocket Cathedral! Maybe like me, the prayers will not only resonate, but give you the peace, hope, and Presence as you set sail into this new week.

  • Janice Murphey

    May 18, 2020at3:58 pm Reply

    Very true-everyday is different! Some good some dreary!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jane McCracken

    May 20, 2020at7:01 am Reply

    I am reading so many devotions in the morning to keep me focused on this mystery we are experiencing. When I read this post it resonated so much in me that I almost thought you had been in my head since 6 am this morning. Thank you for sharing the most intimates inner thoughts with us.

  • Faye Tevebaugh

    May 21, 2020at12:36 pm Reply

    Farrell, you have been so blessed to be able to share so eloquently your feelings and thoughts with us. It is such a blessing to those of us who look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and God bless you during this time. I know it must be challenging with a large family to navigate all the responsibilities you have and share with us as well.

  • Diane Tucker

    May 22, 2020at6:56 pm Reply

    Well Farrell, it’s Friday night and I’m just now listening to your “7 at 7”. It’s been tough week. 86K people have died. I mourn for them and their families. Of course, I’ve read your prayers in the “Pocket Cathedral”. Our grandson graduated from high school in Lexington, KY this week. We couldn’t attend and they didn’t have a ceremony. It is a strange time. He will start college in the fall, God willing.

    I could wind chimes today in your devotion. It gave me peace. I love being able to hear you whenever I feel the need. Growing weary of this situation and yet I’m so blessed to have what I have and be where I am. I just feel like I should be doing more for more people for God. Intellectually, I know I am doing what I can, i.e., donating to WCC to help NFP, 2nd Harvest, Guiding Dogs for the Blind, Nashville Humane Society. But again, I’m not out there serving meals and making masks. We’ve missed 2 trips to the beach which feels my soul. And I know if that’s all I have to complain about, I’m lucky. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your soul feeding meals. God gave you a gift and you share it with all of us. Love and Hugs!

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