Off on an Adventure

The summer is an invitation for me to embark on new adventures and savor sweet time with my family. I call it my “soul nourishing” sabbatical! The hope is that when I return to writing on the blog in September, I am energized and inspired! With that said, I would like to do something NEW this summer. I would like to keep in contact with you via my Bread and Honey Blog instagram!

I have always been a visual person. Although I feel a bit “two left feet” when it comes to technology and especially social media, I do love instagram! I am one of those people who is drawn to books by their colorful covers and recipes by their delicious photos. Beginning this week, I will start regularly posting on Bread and Honey’s instagram: photos of my travels, book recommendations, lifestyle shots, recipes, prayers and meaningful quotes to en”lighten” your week. I would much prefer to offer you a mug of my yummy matcha tea and a decadent chocolate chip muffin instead of a photo, but I hope my postings on instagram will inspire, nourish and bring some “soul love” your way!

It’s quite simple: Go to your instagram app on your phone, type in BreadandHoneyblog into the search Bar, and then click to follow!

I am very excited to invite you more into my life: what gives me joy, nourishes me spiritually, and inspires my creativity! This is going to be fun!

So please sign up today on instagram at  Breadandhoneyblog and join me on my summer adventure!

Live in Hope,



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