Valentines Gift Guide Illustration with waffle hearts, calming tea, candles and cookies.

Valentines Gift Guide

Valentines Gift Guide Illustration with waffle hearts, calming tea, candles and cookies.

Surprise the people you love with a little gift that will brighten their day! I love all things hearts! I gifted the heart waffle maker to my son Percy who joins me on our homespun cooking show, Mama Let’s Cook! I gave my girlfriends the bamboo scarf. I wear my blue one with the heart almost everyday! Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book, Flashlight Night, will be the most meaningful gift for your kids and/or grandkids! I love Chocolate everything! Maybe a hand-made love note will be your gift! Share some love this Valentine’s!

Valentines Gift Guide
Mini heart waffle maker in red.
Hearts Mini Waffle Maker

Saturday morning breakfast just got an upgrade! My kids love the heart-shaped waffles! I suggest you check out our recipe for homemade whipped cream on Mama, Let’s Cook, and don’t forget some dark chocolate!

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Mini Round Cocotte with Gold Heart Knob
Le Creuset

If you were to visit my kitchen, you would see that I LOVE anything and all by Le Creuset! The more colorful the pot, the better! But this red pot of joy with a heart is my favorite!


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Pure Sweat and Float Studio logo
Pure Sweat + Float Studio

This has been a year for the books for stress and how it has wreaked havoc on our minds, bodies and spirits! I am a fan of the infrared and the float for stress relief and immune boosting! Treat yourself or someone you love!

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Calm your mind & body and chill out with Cacao, Reishi & Ashwagandha

This has been my go-to treat. The combination of the adaptogens of Cacao, Reishi, and Ashwagandha is a stress cure-all! And it feels like you are having a decadent dessert! I make mine with almond milk in my Nespresso Frother.

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Chamomile Lavender Signature 15.5oz Candle
Lafco New York

A candle that takes you to France!

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Flashlight Night
Flashlight Night By Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Best children’s book of the year!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an acclaimed best-selling author and a dear friend. She has written a multitude of bestsellers, but I am especially proud of her first children’s book, Flashlight Night. I have seen the real-life chalkboard, covered in prayers and hopes! Her message of God’s presence with us and always is exactly what I and my children need to hear after this past year. Hope jumps right off the page! She has given us all a gift. Make sure you add this one to your family library!

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Fresh Rosemary Wreath from Terrain
Fresh Rosemary Wreath from Terrain

Rosemary is the symbol of love, happiness and loyalty. What a beautiful welcome to put on your door or to gift to a friend!

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Cloth bags and scarves.
Heart Scarf by Lisa Walker

I discovered this artist in Jackson Hole and fell in love with her embroidery on ridiculously soft bamboo silk! She will ship anywhere and she has a multitude of other designs like an owl, eagle, angel wings. I use it as a mask and scarf when I go out!

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Alma Gloria and the Olive Tree
Alma Gloria and the Olive Tree

Alma Gloria and the Olive Tree is story of hope, second chances, redemption, and much love.

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Love, Farrell

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